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Petition launched to turn Scoop into a Greggs


Hull University student Jessica Cavallo yesterday launched a petition to turn the HUU Ice Cream shop 'Scoop' into a Greggs, a move which could single-handedly revive the failing Students' Union.

The petition currently has 130 signatories and accompanied only by the simple description of "We don't want ice cream we want sausage rolls", however sharing the petition on one Facebook group, Jessica asked fellow students to "help me achieve my dream".

Following the closure of the Union's second bar Johnny Mac, Scoop has been an apparent failure, with the university having been offering a 40 per cent discount for months and a consistently empty room.

Student Beccy Hill shared the petition, saying: "We all know that Scoop, while generally nice, has been a bit of a disaster. There is only one solution: to transform it into a Greggs, something almost universally loved by all."

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Responding to the petition, one student commented "How about a Fruitopia type of place where students can get fresh produce at a reasonable price (*cough* SPAR *cough*)."

Another chose to spark the eternal northern debate: "Why not Cooplands ? cheaper and better."

However one student chose to defend Scoop, saying people will start using it as the weather improves and the heat increases.

If Greggs did take up the offer, Hull wouldn't be the first university to get one on campus, with York getting an outlet last year.

Should any student want to get a Greggs at the moment, students have to get on a bus into town: an arduous journey of over 30 minutes, costing literally pounds. The Tab Hull agrees this is inhumane and as such endorses Jessica's petition.

Deus vult Greggs.

The Tab Hull has reached out to Greggs for comment