Hull War Studies Society erect remembrance memorial

They were inspired by lack of students wearing poppies last year

The Hull University War Studies Society has erected a memorial outside the Brynmore Jones Library to commemorate the 7,000 men from Hull who died fighting in the First World War.

The memorial is made up of 700 individual crosses – one cross for every 10 "who payed the ultimate sacrifice during WWI both on land in the four Pals battalions hull raised or in the merchant marine, as well as other areas", explained War Society President, Chesney Ramsdale.

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The Memorial will stand until the evening of the 11th, which this year marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice which saw The Great War end at 11am on the 11th November 1918.

The society professed they were inspired to encourage remembrance this year after they noticed the lack of students wearing poppies last year, noting that many of the young men who fought and died would have been the age of students currently at the university.

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WarSoc members setting up the memorial (from left to right: Ben Norfield, Jack Wright, David Allot-Rawson, Matthew Handisides, Henry James Osbourne. Not pictured Henry Moore and president Chesney Ramsdale)

The crosses were supplied by the Royal British Legion who fully supported the idea. The society have also been selling poppies and other Royal British Legion merchandise to fundraise for the cause.

On Facebook, the university expressed their thanks to the society for creating the "beautiful lawn of poppies".