Guest Tower DJ gets couples to dry hump on stage for a free holiday

He made the audience chant ‘slag’

A DJ was offering a “free holiday” for students who acted out sex positions at last week’s Tower.

Lee Watson turned sports night into what seemed like a 90s budget holiday disaster, encouraging the audience to cheer “slag” and asking for “girl on girl action”.

The TV star turned DJ – who is currently touring the UK – had the drunken crowd jumping around the dance floor last Wednesday before announcing he needed several students on stage to win a free holiday and free booze.

The competition started off with a cracker eating contest, but quickly got out of hand as the condoms came out and the clothes came off.

Standing 69 position.

He had to shout ‘who’s the daddy’


The final round of the competition required eight pairs to dance together and when the music stopped they quickly jumped into a sex pose.

Lee Watson – described by one student as “misogynistic” – then asked one couple to remain with a same sex partner, for a bit of “girl on girl action”.

As the round continued and couples were kicked out of the competition, students were left gasping over the crude comments Lee Watson was making.

During the fourth round one boy was asked to repeatedly shout “who’s the daddy” into the mic while holding a girl upside down, mimicking standing 69 in order to stay in the game.

Lee (right)

Lee (right)

Lee is reported to have taken a shining to one girl, and said: “Cheer if you want to fuck this girl, she’s keen, form a queue. I’m first.”

Students were then encouraged to chant “slag”, and later on in the night, the girls were asked to remove their bras.

Lee allegedly even asked them to strip off and swap clothes, which the winner – who wished to remain anonymous – did.

She won the second competition of the night, bagging herself a free tour place to Croatia.


Tower 2

The winner waving a bra

Lee also asked everyone to get their lighters out at one point, leaving someone with singed hair.

The student – who wished to remain anonymous – said: “It is outrageous the Union allowed this man to instruct drunk students to get their lighters out.

“It’s cost my £40 to get my hair fixed after it was singed and my friends costume was almost set alight.”

Third year Adam Smith was appalled at the Union for arranging such an act.

He added: “They banned circling back in January, but this is allowed?”

A spokesperson for Hull University Union said: “We recognise that some of the games played at last Wednesday’s Tower event were inappropriate.

“We are committed to Hull University Union continuing to be an inclusive, welcoming and accepting space and we would like to apologise to anyone who was offended.

“It is important to us that our members to have a great time in our venues and we have already taken steps to ensure that future bookings plan their acts in accordance with our values and policies.”

Lee, who starred in TV show Clubreps, is currently touring the UK.

The Tab approached him for a comment but haven’t had a response.