I was moments away from a US campus shooting on my year abroad

Hull student Alice is currently at Northern Arizona University


On Friday, five thousand miles away from the UK, freshman Stephen Jones opened fire on Northern Arizona University, killing one and injuring three others.

But for Hull student Alice Foster, who is on her semester abroad at the university, gun crime on campus has become a frightening reality.

She was on her way home, just moments away from campus, when Jones picked up a handgun from his car and shot four fellow students after a fight broke out.

Now Alice tells The Tab of her terror as the tragedy unfolded on campus, and how she’s adjusting going to university in Arizona where gun laws are particularly lenient.

Alice enjoying her year across the pond.

Alice enjoying her year across the pond

The 21-year-old passed the incident on her way home just yesterday when freshman Stephen Jones killed one person and injured three others.

Alice told The Tab: “I was on the bus back from downtown and we saw loads of police cars.

“We’d already heard that there’d been a shooting so driving past the scene was really scary.

“There were so many police cars and ambulances but because I was on a bus I didn’t see anything other than that.

“Everyone’s just really shaken up and feeling sorry for the victims’ friends and families.”

A gun shop in America (Picture credit: Alice Foster).

A gun shop in America (Photo credit: Alice Foster)

The English and American studies student says the experience has made her wary of American gun licensing laws: “We just think the gun laws seriously need sorting out.

“Like, for example, in Walmart they have children’s guns next to the real ones as well so it’s like normalised out here. It’s crazy.”

Alice added: “It’s definitely brought home to me the reality of gun crime in America. They’re literally everywhere.

“It’s terrifying really, you never think it’ll happen where you are that’s the thing.

“My family were so worried.”

Alice with her friends at NAU.

Alice with her friends at NAU

18-year-old Stephen Jones was charged with one count of first-degree murder and three counts of felony aggravated assault yesterday.

The incident happened after he was involved in a fight with other students around 1:20 a.m. Friday and ran to his car where he picked up a handgun.

In a statement the university confirmed Colin Brough was killed and Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato and Kyle Zientek were wounded.

Alice posing in front of the Washington Monument.

Alice posing in front of the Washington Monument