Council Members’ Complaint Against Magic Magid

18 union council members sign off a letter of complaint against HUU President Magid Mah.

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A dramatic union council meeting revealed a letter of complaint from 18 union council members citing a long list of reasons why they feel that the President is not doing his job properly.

Reasons cited in the letter include allegations of Magid giving false information about his whereabouts on campus, failing to attend university meetings and in one case saying he was unable to carry out particular duties despite later being spotted in Asylum.


HUU President Magic Magid

The letter was taken to straight to senior HUU members in February because of its urgent nature and was finally raised in council this Tuesday.

The detailed complaint was intended to be filed as a ‘motion of censure’, meaning that if passed by a vote in council, Magid would need to make improvements or face being kicked out of his role as President.

Due to an admin mistake, the complaint was not brought to council as a motion of censure and because of this no action could be taken at the meeting.

In response to the error, Councillor of Scrutiny Sean Brawley attempted to pass a motion to further discuss the letter there and then but was only voted for by 15 council members and failed to pass, leaving a noticeable sense of tension in the room.

The fact that the motion did not pass is interesting considering that 18 members of council signed off on the letter of complaint, and may expose the fact that many members seem unwilling to make their true feelings known in public.

Magid ended the discussion by telling the council that he would be willing to discuss the complaint openly in the near future.

UPDATE: This article has been edited in the second paragraph in order to rectify a mistake in reporting the details of the letter of complaint.