Why Maritime Studios might just be the best student accommodation in the world

Let’s be honest, we have our own private balcony

Where else would you have a bespoke flat all to yourself? Where else would you have your own balcony gazing out on the Cornish coastline? Where else could you be woken up by the sweet sound of ships docking in the harbour?

You have an entire flat to yourself

Your own bathroom and kitchen and its all a 15ft walk from your bed. You get a tremendous amount of privacy and there are certain times at university where you look at yourself as lucky. You may hear your friends complaining about a flat mate who took the right piss and accused you of using their pan, when they know for a fact you have the exact same one. We digress – basically you don’t have any flat mates to worry about because they aren’t there (understandably this may be a blessing for some and a curse for others).


You can have the balcony door open and lay on your bed talking to seagulls.

Silence can bring so much bliss

For me I found the place so quiet at night. Perhaps I was lucky with the people I lived next door to. Some people used to complain on the Facebook page at night like “can whoever is playing Wonderwall on the guitar really loudly on the second floor please stop I have a migraine and some of us have 9ams.” However- majority of the time the place was bliss and you could always get a decent sleep.

You have your own balcony

There are two sides two Maritime- Cliff side and Dock side. If you’re on Cliff side you might get a nice view of some trees and if you weren’t high enough, just a wall of rock. If you were on Dock side and high up enough you got the most amazing view, you could see half of Falmouth, all the big ships at the dock and right out into the sea. Either way you have a balcony and it’s great, chilling on there with a cigarette looking out at the workers on the huge Cruise Liners who look like little ants is something that I really miss being able to do so easily. Also makes for great, artsy Instagram photos of sunsets.


Look out into the distance and ask yourself the many questions of life

So much LIGHT

Compared to other places I visited like The Sidings and especially Glasney, Maritime had so much natural light. Maybe it was because I was on Dock Side and there was nothing blocking the sun from seeping through my white plastic blinds (or whatever material they were, they were shit but I embraced them). When you kept your blinds up your fully white room was so fresh and spacious- it really helped me keep a clear head and I rarely struggled to wake up in the mornings because the sun wouldn’t let you stay asleep.

So much room for activities 

Your bed went up into the wall. Then it just left this huge space to do what the fuck you wanted to do in it. This was perfect for those art students living there, it gave them so much space to do all their work and for people like me who didn’t do art, it was just cool to say “hey, this is all mine and I can do several cartwheels in my room without knocking something over.”

You can only blame your self for the messy kitchen

Only you are responsible for the mess in the kitchen and if you’re already a tidy person, you are sorted. There is no one there to hog up the fridge space or leave uneaten food all over the place. I once saw a bowl full of a cut up orange in my boyfriend’s flat at The Sidings that started to grow a village of mould because people were refusing to clean up other people’s shit… but you don’t have to deal with that drama in Maritime. Some may say it’s part of uni but try telling people that when the bowl of mould starts growing legs and running around the flat after you.


You even got your own washer/dryer!

Bloody big bathroom

Some accommodation has bathrooms where you can shit, shower and brush your teeth all at the same time because the toilet, sink and shower were so close to each other. They are no where near as spacious as those in Maritime. If I was careful enough I could probably cartwheel in there as well.


Plenty of room to lay flat on the bathroom floor with a hangover

Easy access to town

You are about a 10 minute walk into town, and it’s a nice walk. Easy access to everything and it makes for an easy journey home after student night. No waiting for crowded buses and plenty of smiles from the locals on your way in. People in Falmouth are just so bloody nice.

You’re sitting on a train station

Although it may be a bit of a distance for those who are studying in Penryn, you have the convenience of walking out of the automatic doors at reception onto Falmouth docks train station. This is handy for getting to University as well as any impromptu trips to Truro if you fancy it. Not to forget there used to be a guy who would drink a little too much and sing old club songs at the Dock Side balconies from the station.. a source of entertainment I suppose.

We have a lift

It made carrying your shopping up to floor three so much easier. Yes, it had a few technical difficulties throughout the year but so what, a lift is a lift.


Let’s pretend that the shit quality of this photo is for artistic reasons

Common room

Upstairs on the top floor there was a huge common room. Not everyone goes there but it’s pretty neat. Pool tables, vending machines, Xbox and a big telly. There were also full glass door all around it giving you the best view of falmouth all around you. You get the best of both worlds. You can go and socialise with all types of people upstairs and when you need to you can escape into your flat for some peace and quite.

The sirens 

Something people might think to be annoying, but its not. Something about being woken up at 7am with a ship siren is quite humbling. Makes you think ‘wow I live next to a dock.’ They last about six seconds each and its entertaining to watch any guests you have over look at you in bewilderment when they hear the sheer volume of it for the first time. I miss the sirens and the sound of the docks all together- it was a cool place to live.