Why Falmouth is the best university in the country

Don’t listen to anything you hear about Club I, it’s perfect

It’s important to point out from the start of this that Falmouth isn’t your average University – it isn’t set slap bang in the middle of a busy city and it sure as hell doesn’t have two burger kings in it’s vicinity.

In spite of all this however – Falmouth is the best University in the country, you just have to experience it to find out why.

House parties

The house parties in Falmouth are unbelievable. Forget paying stupid amounts of money to get tipsy in a club – buy a bottle of vodka for a tenner, and go find yourself in some random student’s house.

As long as you don’t ask simpleton questions like: “Why are there sofas in your garden?” or “Is it really 7am already?”, you’ll fit right in.

House Party #1

24-hour Asda

Everyone loves to point out that Falmouth University doesn’t have a huge town and it’s not a lie. However, people often fail to mention that within walking distance from campus we have everything we would ever need: a 24-hour Asda.

This megastore is absolute heaven, whether you’re going there on early hours of a Saturday morning to be judged by the employees and stock up on more booze – or if you just want to do your daily shop. It will always be there for you with open arms.

They also have a seemingly endless supply of trolleys, which make for great transportation around Fally.

Cone on ur head

Club I

Don’t listen to anything you hear about Club I. It is perfect.

club i


Music encapsulates everything Falmouth University is about – being one of the best arts universities in the country, you wont be able to walk a few metres without seeing “that guy” sitting around with a guitar singing Wonderwall.

No, but seriously – Falmouth is bursting at the seams with music. You’ll find live bands every weekend in most of the pubs, student bands will play every Friday afternoon and open mic night happens every Monday.

Open Mic Jack Fitt

As well as this, the high street is bursting with music shops and the University is always holding record fairs.


The beach 

Everyone knows Cornwall has beaches. It’s the first thing people say when you tell them you go to University in Cornwall.

“Oh it must be nice having the beach so close to you!”

Yes. As a matter of fact, it’s bloody spectacular. In a matter of minutes you can go from having a pint in the pub to having a fire and another pint on the sand overlooking the sea

BEACHSurrounding areas

It’s very easy to lose yourself in the little bubble of Falmouth life, but there is a much bigger world out there which will reward you greatly if you choose to venture out.

Lizard. Theres not much to say about Lizard. Apart from the fact that it is breathtakingly beautiful. Every time I go I find myself repeating “Oh my fuck. I LIVE here?!”.


Truro. It’s literally a fifteen minute cheap train journey away and makes a nice change from the quaintness of Fally. You’ll be able to get all of your usual city antics here.



Oh locals. What would we do without you?

Forget the stereotype – Falmouth locals are normally friendly – and completely mental. You’ll meet some amazing characters on your nights out and Falmouth just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Just don’t tell them that you’re a student and you’ll be fine.


Variety of students

Falmouth University is home to probably the biggest diversity of students you could get at a university. This isn’t because we have a large number of students – it just so happens that an arts university down in an edgy place like Falmouth attracts a lot of big characters.


The ‘Milan’: Someone who dresses in literally anything (normally wears coats when it’s hot) and struts around like they’re a model at Milan Fashion Week.


The ‘Beach Bum’: The type of person who will live forever at the beach – no need to go home and shower, they’ll just wash in the sea.


The ‘I love vinyls more than you’ person: They’ll be first to ever record fair and ask you things like “what inch are your records?”