The definitive guide to following Spring ’18 trends, on a Durham student budget

Staying overdressed on the overdraft

Exactly what it’s like to be a model in a Durham charity fashion show

Warning: contains a fair amount of vanity

An honest review of being the average looking groupies at DUCFS

Night, 1 – Self esteem, 0

Meet the Exec of the Kingdom Charity fashion show

Are you a reptile? Cause iguana tap that

St Cuthbert’s Society Fashion Show: Meet the Models

Beauty isn’t everything, but it is a lot

Durham Street Style: Autumn Edition

So many icons

Aidan’s Fashion Show: Arcadia

A celebration of wavy garms

Durham’s best dressed of the week

They look so good you feel inadequate

Every type of Instagram photo you post, and the reality behind it

What are you hiding behind your aesthetic?

Van Mildert Charity Fashion Show was a masterpiece

They know Victoria’s secret

Castle Fashion Show 2017: Meet the Models

You want to be them

Durham’s best dressed of the week

May the Bailey be your catwalk

Durham’s best dressed of the week

Werk it

DUCFS 2017: Meet the models

They’re all really attractive

The ugly truth behind the world of modelling

A top model reveals all the lows of the industry

Mavericks to Movements: DUCFS 2017 theme revealed

Don’t be late

Durham Street Style: Autumn Edition

The Bailey is your catwalk

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