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‘It made me feel worse’: Inside the struggle for mental health support at Manchester Uni

Every student who needs help has to call at the same time and hope somebody answers

I tried to book uni counselling for a week but was told ‘come back tomorrow’ every day

Every time it said ‘no appointments are available’

Adults’ response to student mental health shows how out of touch they are

I’m pretty sure Matt Hancock has a Daily Mail reader burner account

I’d rather drop out of university than have to self-isolate in halls again

I’m a first year, this is the only university experience I know

Three more university students have died since the start of term

This means 11 students in total have died

Going home is not a magic fix for every university student. Stop treating it like one

I am literally between a rock and a hard place

‘I left halls because of mental health and they told me to drop out or keep paying rent’

‘You’re cordoned off from everyone else and you’ve got no one to speak to’

University confessions page admins say suicidal posts have doubled

One small group of people have seen the true extent of the student mental health crisis: confessions page admins