You Matter Campaign

You Matter Campaign

‘I felt exposed and ashamed’: How students battle loneliness amid mental health crisis

People aged 16 to 24 are the loneliest age group in the UK

Universities ‘have to try harder’ to prevent student suicide, MP says

‘Something is seriously wrong with the current system’

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Two years after Harry’s death, his parents want answers. This is Harry’s story

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88 per cent of students wish their uni was more transparent about student suicide, a Tab survey has found

Students are self-medicating to cope with their mental health. Here are the shocking figures

A Tab survey of 4,000 students reveals what students are taking the most, and at which unis

100 students take their life every year. This petition is calling for urgent change at unis

‘We want students to be protected, but not everybody is safe at university’

Two thirds of students have felt loneliness at uni. These are their stories

‘I barely went out in Freshers’ Week and so missed most of getting to know people’

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Take The Tab’s Mental Health Survey and help us reveal the true extent of the crisis

Calling all students – taking this quick survey will help us hold unis to account

From one student to another, here’s how I actively helped my mental health at university

The most important thing is to be kind to yourself

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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

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From how to deal with inadequate support from university staff, to thinking about whether you should intermit

At least 39 ambulances have been called to unis for suicide and self-harm this term

The figure is already over half of last academic year’s

Tutors don’t have enough mental health training, and unis need to change this

One student was told to drop out by her tutor when she shared her mental health problems

My terrible halls of residence made my mental health so bad that I had to move

There’s a loneliness epidemic and bad halls are making it worse

Named and shamed: Eleven unis didn’t appoint any new mental health staff this year

Some of them have even decreased their staff numbers