star wars

MARK HAMILL speaks at the Union: “If you’re good at anything other than showbusiness, do that”

He was in Star Wars, he was at the Union, and he was charming as f**k – and he calls Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher “Harrie and Carrison”

Which “which arbitrary thing is your college” article is your college?

Much aware, very tabception.

The Week Ahead: A Streetcar Named Desire, Mark Hamill and Turf @ Junction

From Luke Skywalker to Lare+Lola, we bring you all the must-attend events for this week

Which Star Wars character is your college?

May the force be with you

Review: Footlights Smoker

ALEX STRIDE enjoys the ‘few gems’ hidden among a mixed bag of sketches from this year’s Footlights

I am a student drug addict: Part 2

We check back in with our recovering student addict

Being shit doesn’t matter

This week, ADRIAN GRAY tackles the timeless student issue of whether the new Star Wars film will be any good

Mark Liu Tries: Jerk Off Instruction

MARK LIU reviews this new craze of sex help video, and then creates his own feminist version…

Addenbrooke’s Panto: Star Wards

Non-medic Star Wars virgin CHLOE COLEMAN and fallen-medic TIM SQUIRRELL venture to Anglia Ruskin and find out that medics can be funny too – all in the name of charity.

CU Show Choir

RHONDA NICHOLL sneaks out to sing the praises of Cambridge’s latest medley of musical morsels, and assures you that it’s OK for you to do the same.

Tab Top 5: Movie Couples

In The Tab’s new film feature, our team of critics pick the top five of anything in the wonderful world of film. This week CHLOE MASHITER picks the top five movie couples of all time.