royal wedding

Cambridge’s Rear Of The Year

It’s been a year since the world discovered P.Middy’s bum. TABATHA LEGGETT is on the look out for the next big thing.

Royally Irrelevant

Naming Prince William as the most influential man in the world is a travesty to modern society – what do the Royal Family actually do?

10 Questions: Mary Beard

MARY BEARD: “Once naughty, always naughty!” HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Britain’s best known Classicist about Jamie’s Dream School, Kate and Wills’ wedding, and being ‘the thinking man’s Ann Widdecombe.’

Tab Tries: The Royal Wedding Drinking Game

Once again, The Tab got drunk in the name of journalism. This time we had flags, Pimms, Tuxedos and Hats.

… But Did y’see Kate’s Dress?

JON BAILEY, The Tab’s new resident cartoonist, with his take on Royal Wedding hype.

Flaming Republicans

Rogue students burnt a flag during a screening of the Royal wedding at King’s on Friday.

How important are the royal family?

AIDAN MURRAY CROOK shares his experiences of London on the day of the royal wedding, and explains why we do still need a monarchy.

William & Kate: Let Love Rule

TABATHA LEGGETT wants you to treat this shocker like royalty.

Introducing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Wills and Kate have become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, following their wedding today.

King’s Monarchy Madness

King’s College have caught royal wedding fever and plan to hold not one but three royal wedding parties to mark the big day.

How to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

Stuck for plans for the Willie Holiday tomorrow? Make it a right royal piss up or escape the Wedding madness with The Tab’s events barometer for varying levels of enthusiasm.

Royal Holiday? Don’t Bank On It

Uni Offices will be closed for the royal wedding, but students will still be expected to go to lectures and exams, despite an official Bank Holiday.

Tom Davenport

Little is known about Kate Middleton’s new fiancĂ©e, but TOM DAVENPORT brings you all the facts he can muster about the engagement of the A-list socialite.