Let that nip slip


Scandal: Representations of the Nude Body

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by this exhibition exploring nudity and its place in art

My Miss World Entry

ADRIAN GRAY has entered 2014’s Male Miss World competition.

Sex at Oxbridge’s open letter to The Reluctant Virgin of Cambridge

SEX AT OXBRIDGE, the ex-oxbridge notorious sex blogger, writes a response to The Tab’s reluctant virgin ELLIE SLEE

Page 3: Let It Be

Boobs in the media are the least of women’s problems, says ROSIE HORE, who argues we should let tit be.

Exam Faim

LEAF ARBUTHNOT takes you through the top exams treats for the big day.

Fit College: Sidney vs Tit Hall

Phwoar! Fit College this week features two sexy pairs of students from Sidney and Tit Hall! Vote for your favourite.


Like any decent critic, JAMES MACNAMARA enjoys watching actors kill and eat each other onstage.

Exposed: The Cambridge Craigslist

Exposed: The Cambridge Craigslist…Not for the faint-hearted.

Interview: Cherry and Ruby

‘We do it to give a draw dropping, tantalising experience.’ EVIE PRICHARD talks to Burlesque performers CHERRY AND RUBY about sequins, french knickers and nudity.

Toilet Confessions: Ladies’ Night

Ever wondered what girls talk about in the toilet? KATIE MAIR camped out in a Cindies cubicle to find out…

OK! TV and Extraordinary Dogs

ALASDAIR PAL watches Channel Five so you don’t have to.

Review and EXCLUSIVE Interview: Iron Chef

KING EGGMISTRESS talks to Iron Chef presenter Olly Smith about touching Anne Robinson’s breasts – ‘a truly magnificent rack’.

Attack of the Clones

Could you handle 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day? TABATHA LEGGETT investigates the pressures of looking perfect.

Teenage Angst: Tab Agony Aunt

L and L are on hand to answer all your relationship woes. This week, they deal with a serious case of repeated pant loss and a boy who just wants his girlfriend to say no to modesty.