A day in the life of Aston’s Yik Yak

Katie Grace

There’s some serious BCU bashing

Yik Yak has quite literally taken over Aston. Whether it’s to slate arch enemy BCU or find romance, it’s the only app you’re using for procrastination.

Aston vs. BCU

Whether this feud existed before the invention of Yik Yak or not, the app has intensified the rivalry between us and Birmingham City University students. On the Yak front, we definitely have the upper hand.

Probably posted by a disgruntled BCU student.

Probably posted by a disgruntled BCU student

We have perfected the art of one-upping them, and these are just a small sample of the many ingenious puns from our students.

This is definitely 1-0 to Aston.

This is definitely 1-0 to Aston

And that's a 2-0 to Aston.

And that’s a 2-0 to Aston, sorry BCU

Hook ups

Tinder might be the app designed for casual hook ups, but judging by some of these Yaks, it’s being replaced. Well, in reality it’s probably their flatmates trying to set them up, but who knows? Your Mr/Mrs Right could only be a Yak away.

Photo 21-05-2015 13 52 17

I’m not sure what ‘open minded shenanigans’ exactly entails…

Of course, some have perfected the art of Yik Yak seduction, and others are slightly less romantic.

6/10 for charm.

6/10 for charm

And then there are those which almost certainly haven’t had much luck with chat up lines.

-2/10 for charm.

-2/10 for charm

Exam stress

With imminent coursework deadlines and exam dates looming, it’s unsurprising we are feeling the pressure. This general “my exam is in four days and I’m absolutely screwed” feeling is being echoed through the Yik Yak world.

Photo 21-05-2015 01 23 30

We can all relate to this

Of course, some students will be coping with the stress better than others.

Revision breaks = the work of the devil

Revision breaks = the work of the devil

If you’re a first year, you’ve said this out loud at least once since starting uni.

E.g. the most popular excuse with 99% of first year students.

The most popular excuse with 99 per cent of first year students


Perhaps it’s because everything you post on Yik Yak is anonymous, but there are a those using the app to ask others for help and advice. These people usually fall into two categories: those who genuinely are enquiring about problems causing them some worry, and those who are trying to think about anything apart from revision.

Relationship troubles?

Relationship troubles?

Flatmate troubles?

Flatmate troubles?

...Harry Potter troubles?

…Harry Potter troubles?


While students have a lot of revision to keep up with, it seems they still manage to find time to post Yik Yaks to lighten the general mood around campus. As they say, the best way to relieve stress is to laugh, and some of these are just the thing.

Photo 21-05-2015 01 30 52

Photo 19-05-2015 23 29 09(1)

Why does this line sound so familiar…

Finally, if you’re feeling guilty about leaving your work to the last minute, and let’s face it most of us do, just hold onto this thought…

Photo 20-05-2015 23 37 55 (2)

I’m never feeling guilty about last minute work again

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