All the times a Love Island couple followed their hearts and quit the show together

Literally none of them lasted after the show though lol

Uma Jammeh and Wil Anderson have become the latest couple to quit the Love Island villa together. In a huge romantic gesture, following Wil being dumped, Uma decided to leave the villa as well.

But, she’s not the first to make this grand display of commitment – many Islanders have come before her. There have been similar situations where one half of a couple has been dumped and the other has followed, and other times where couples have simply decided enough is enough.

Having said that, the success rate of couples who walk together is literally on the floor. But whilst we’re here, we may as well take a moment to remember them all.

Rachel Fenton and Rykard Jenkins

Love Island couple quit the show together

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The season two villa really was full of drama. Rykard and Rachel were coupled up and seemed happy, but then Rachel was dumped during a dramatic moment filmed on the beach. Caroline Flack then informed Rachel the public may have voted her off because, unknown to her, Rykard had sex with Olivia Buckland (now Bowen) behind her back in the villa.

Still, Rykard tried to prove himself and the Love Island 2016 couple quit together. They actually lasted for an entire 18 months outside the villa before ending their relationship.

Georgia Steel and Sam Bird

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Um, who remembers that Georgia Steel and Sam Bird left the 2018 villa together?! To be honest, it was nothing short of iconic. During dramatic scenes at the Love Island Beach Club, Sam and Georgia were told they weren’t allowed to recouple, and would either have to crack on with someone else, or choose love and leave together.

Georgia then had a meltdown on the sofas, before shockingly, they actually picked to quit the show together. But, just three months after the show ended, the couple announced they had split. Of course, it then all turned really messy and Sam accused Georgia of cheating on him.

Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster

Love Island couple quit the show together

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Samira also went down the wholesome route, and left the 2018 villa when her partner Frankie was dumped. I’m sure now looking back she regrets the decision, because less than a month later, she dumped him following a series of cheating claims. Yikes.

Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish

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In the 2021 series, Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish looked as though they might win the whole show. That was until they broke up, at least.

Just days before the final they went on their last date, and decided to end things. Following this, they told their fellow Islanders they were both going to quit the villa together, to give the other couples who were still together a fair shot at winning. How noble!

“We didn’t want to suck the life out of it,” Jake said of the final days on the show. Liberty added: “We’re walking out of here on good terms, together.” It can’t have been all that good though, because three years later they were both cast on All Stars, and Jake quit *again* because his ex Liberty was there.

Uma Jammeh and Wil Anderson

Love Island couple quit the show together

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Uma decided to quit the villa when her partner Wil was dumped from the island. It was looking shaky for the couple after Casa Amor, when it was revealed to Uma that Wil had been cracking on with girls whilst she was away. But, they stayed loyal in the recoupling and looked on better terms.

However, bombshell Reuben then took Uma on a date, and in the next recoupling chose to steal Uma, leaving Wil single and therefore dumped. Poor Reuben got straight away left on his ones, as Uma left with Wil.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Uma and Wil become the first ever Love Island couple to quit the show together and actually make it last. Watch this space!

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