Uma and Wil spill all about what’s next and their relationship after the Love Island villa

‘I’ve left with a girlfriend pretty much’

In dramatic scenes last night, Uma Jammeh and Wil Anderson left the Love Island 2024 villa. After Reuben the bombshell chose to couple up with Uma, Wil was left single and therefore dumped. However, Uma couldn’t let him leave alone so took the jump and went with him. It was all very romantic.

Now, after a turbulent few days in the villa with Casa Amor, movie night, new bombshells and now leaving, Uma and Wil have reflected on where their journey has left them. They’ve spoken about their future plans, and what they hope will come next for them in their relationship after Love Island. Here’s what they had to say.

Wil says he ‘couldn’t be happier’ to leave the Love Island 2024 villa with Uma

Uma Jammeh and Wil Anderson on Love Island 2024

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Wil was dumped from the villa in a quite savage way, which he said wasn’t the way he expected to go, but still he “couldn’t be happier.” He added: “I left with the girl I went in to get. She’s amazing and her leaving proves how much she likes me, so it’s the next step in our journey together.”

‘I feel so comfortable and happy around him’

When asked how she felt about Wil and what their journey was like together, Uma said: “When Wil walked in I instantly felt a connection with him, he was all in for me which I really liked, and it was refreshing off the back of the Ayo situation. Once Wil took me to the other villa for an overnight stay something clicked and I felt a special spark in that moment which made me realise he was the person for me.

“That’s why I found Casa hard for me as it made me miss Wil more. I feel so comfortable and happy around him. Seeing him waiting for me after Casa was such a special feeling, I know we’ve had our challenges but it’s made us stronger than ever. He’s my blueberry.”

‘I’ve left with a girlfriend pretty much’

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Wil said when he entered the villa he was “blown away” by Uma, and now feels as though he pretty much has a girlfriend moving forward. “I had my eyes on her from before I went in there. We got talking and instantly I knew that was who I wanted, I didn’t even want to entertain anything with anyone else. She’s so mature and well spoken and is a proper woman,” he said.

“It went so well, but then obviously Casa came. I felt like I owed it to myself to explore, doing that caused a few issues but it made me realise I wanted a future with Uma. Coming back to the villa wasn’t exactly easy and from then on it was about proving to her how I really felt. I feel like I tried to prove it in as many ways I could . I feel like what I did and said to her was enough for her to end her journey with me, it makes me feel amazing, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome to be honest. I’ve been in there for three and a half weeks and I’ve left with a girlfriend pretty much.”

He also called Uma his “future wife” and said she was a huge part of the “most amazing journey ever”.

So why did Uma choose to leave the Love Island 2024 villa?

Uma had a big decision to make when Wil was dumped, and said she “knew where my head and heart was at so I wanted to be true to my feelings for him.”

She added: “It’s a bittersweet feeling [to be leaving]. I made such amazing friendships in the villa that it started to feel like home but I’m happy to be leaving as I wouldn’t have wanted to stay and not be genuine to myself and my feelings for Wil.”

Uma Jammeh and Wil Anderson on Love Island 2024

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They want to go on cute dates now and have discussed moving to be closer to one another!

So, what’s next for Uma and Wil? One thing they spoke about in the villa was their distance, with Uma being London based and Wil being from Whitley Bay. But that’s not stopping them, as they’ve already planned some dates and are prepared to move to be closer to one another.

“We can’t wait to just do normal things on the outside, stay inside and have a takeaway and go on cute dates,” Uma said. “Wil wants to take me to Whitley Bay to see where he’s from, but we’ve also discussed him possibly moving to London so I’m looking forward to the future with him. The only way is up from here.”


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