Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli since Love Is Blind season one

Babies and brand deals: Everything Gigi has been up to since Love Is Blind season one

Our girl is thriving!

The Love Is Blind season six reunion is here – and a special guest tasked with asking awkward questions to the latest bunch of cast members is Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli from season one. It’s been four years since we saw her get engaged on the show, all the way back in 2020, and since then she’s been up to loads.

Gigi stole out hearts as a fav back in the first ever season of the show. Her relationship with Damian was packed full of dramas, and her one liners were incredible television. Since then she’s continued to thrive, and even though her and Damian didn’t work out (shock), she’s gone on to find love with someone else.

Straight after Love Is Blind season one, Gigi had a lot of drama with Damian Powers

Gigi in Love Is Blind season one

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Gigi went through a lot during Love Is Blind season one. She and Damian were up and down after agreeing to marry in the pods, argued a lot, and then had a pretty tragic wedding. Damian said no at the altar, and Gigi stormed out the venue, falling over and slipping down a mud slide in her dress.

After the show, they gave it another go but later split up. Whilst all the drama with his on-off relationship with Gigi was happening, it was rumoured Damian was also seeing Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle. He even invited her along as his date to the Love Is Blind season one After the Altar reunion, despite the fact he was meant to be there with Gigi. It was messy to say the least.

She’s also spoken out about how tough the experiment was

Speaking with The Guardian, Gigi has reflected on how difficult the day of her Love Is Blind wedding was, and said it took her a really long time to get over the whole experience. “It hurt so much. It took me nine months to really get over [what happened at the wedding],” she said. “We had to talk a lot and process everything with our friends and family.”

She added: “I just wish more of the conversations were shown between us, because there was a lot of anger and rejection, but there was also respect and understanding, too.”

But now, Gigi has found love once again and is expecting her first baby!

After Love Is Blind, Gigi went on another reality TV show called All Star Shore, which featured people who had been on different reality shows before. While filming the show, she met The Bachelorette star Blake Horstmann.

In January 2022, the pair sparked relationship rumours after spending New Year’s Eve together and it was later confirmed they were dating. In June 2022, the couple confirmed their relationship ahead of the release of All Star Shore. Now, they are expecting their first baby together.

“We are completely over the moon,” the couple told E! News. “It was the best surprise we could have asked for and we can’t wait to meet our little angel in just a few more months.” Their baby is due in spring 2024.

Gigi has also had huge career success since being on Love Is Blind

Gigi has gone on to be hugely successful since Love Is Blind, including working as an influencer, appearing on TV shows and securing brand deals.

Gigi launched her own butterfly-themed clothing and accessories range. Announcing it, she said it is reflective of her time on Love Is Blind. She said: “A collection dedicated to being unapologetically yourself. The past two years have absolutely changed my life, half the time I feel like I’m in a dream and the other I’m wishing I could stop time to drink it all in. Being a part of a social experiment that I thought no one would ever see wasn’t something I planned, nor were the things that came out of my mouth.. and what happened after.

“Saying exactly how I felt when I felt it helped me discover what it truly meant to choose myself and I truly believe that everyone should know what that feels like, to choose to love yourself so much you finally get your butterflies back and to make your happiness as important as the air you breath.”

Gigi has a reported net worth of $500k off the back of being on Love Is Blind and her successes afterwards.

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