Stuck in a Kate Middleton rabbit hole? The all-time wildest Royal Family conspiracy theories

Remember when everyone thought the Queen was reincarnated as Trisha Paytas’ baby??

Right now, the world is in meltdown over the apparent missing Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. Neither she nor her family have been seen by the public since Christmas Day and she was never pictured entering or leaving hospital for her abdominal surgery. This has, naturally, sent most of the internet into a spiral questioning her welfare and whereabouts.

The Palace has confirmed she is well, but the Royal Family has been involved in several conspiracies by all your favourite tinfoil hat wearers for years. Whether it’s your Princess Diana obsessives theorising over her death or more jokey theories, here are all the unhinged and crackpot Royal Family conspiracy theories from over the years:

All the Kate Middelton theories right now

Log onto Twitter right now and all you’ll see is people theorising where Kate Middleton is after she hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day. Prince William yesterday cancelled an appearance due to a “personal matter” and there were no pictures of her going into or leaving the hospital.

One theory includes the Spanish press coma theory where Spanish journalist Concha Calleja claimed on her show Fiesta a “reputable” palace source informed her that Kate Middleton has been in an induced coma. The palace completely denies this saying it was “ludicrous and not factchecked by Kensington Palace, and then saying to The Times earlier this month “It’s total nonsense. No attempt was made by that journalist to fact-check anything that she said with anyone in the household. It’s fundamentally, totally made-up, and I’ll use polite English here: it’s absolutely not the case.”

Other, obviously joking theories, suggest she’s going on Celebrity Big Brother or she’s been at the viral Glasgow Willy Wonka experience.

The Trisha Paytas saga

God what a time this was. But, if you’ve somehow missed it, there’s a longstanding conspiracy theory online where people are convinced that the Queen was reincarnated and reborn as YouTuber Trisha Paytas’ baby. Yeah, you did read that right. Basically, controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas went into labour with her first child, Malibu Barbie on the 8th September 2022, the same day Queen Elizabeth II died. Because of the timing of the two events, people came up with the wild theory that Trisha Paytas was giving birth to the Queen reincarnate.

The rumours got so wild that Trisha actually had to address them in a statement on TikTok. She confirmed “There is no reincarnation of the Queen in my baby” and apologised to the royal family. And THEN, the plot thickened when Trisha announced she was expecting her second child who is due in May this year. The internet is actually insane sometimes.

The Grim Reaper attended King Charles’ Coronation

Over eight million people tuned in to watch The King’s coronation last year. But the main question most of them came out the other end with was about the Grim Reaper who casually strolled past during the ceremony. Diehard Diana fans suggested the Grim Reaper was actually Diana coming back to claim her title as Queen and give Camilla what for.

Via TikTok

But obviously, this wasn’t true and Westminster Abbey officials denied the Grim Reaper was present. Instead, the ghostly Death Reaper at the Coronation was “identified as a verger, a member of the abbey community who assists with religious services but who is not a member of the clergy.”

All the theories about King Charles’ fingers

Maybe not so much a conspiracy theory but just pure chaos as people seem to be obsessed with, well, King Charles’ fingers. His fingers are rather large and swollen, so much so that everyone calls them “sausage fingers”. But this isn’t just everyone being super mean, it’s actually a phrase that Charles himself has endorsed. Quoted in a 2007 biography, Charles said about the birth of Prince William: “I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am. He really does look surprisingly appetising and has sausage fingers just like mine.”

Royal Family conspiracies

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But everyone online goes full-on detective mode over his pesky fingers with some people suggesting it is Oedema, the medical term for the build-up of fluid, or just arthritis and lots of travelling/hot weather.

Love Actually predicted Harry and Meghan’s relationship

Royal Family conspiracies

Buckle in for this one, because it’s a bit random. But basically, there’s a common theory online that the Christmas rom-com classic Love Actually predicted Harry and Meghan’s whole relationship. And it’s all to do with the characters Sam and Joana. So yes we’ve got the physical similarities that Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Prince Harry both have red hair and are British. Then Olivia Olson, who plays Joanne is American and might look quite similar to Meghan Markle now. BUT that’s not the best bit, remember in the film Sam is dealing with the death of his mother who died when he was 12. Do I even have to remind you about who else dealt with the tragic passing of their mother at just age 12?? Madness!

Theories about Princess Diana

And probably the most famous of them all are the millions of theories about Princess Diana’s death in 1997. Almost all of the conspiracy theories about Diana’s car crash in Paris have been proved decisively wrong yet people still witter on about them. They all take different forms but all point to the same belief that someone wanted to kill Diana and they helped orchestrate the crash.

Royal Family conspiracies

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Those conspiracies were so convincing and so widespread that the Met Police were forced to launch Operation Paget, an inquiry to establish whether there was any truth in the theories. It lasted years, and cost millions of pounds, examined 175 theories, and found that none of them were true.

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