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The best memes about THAT Trisha Paytas and King Charles theory now she’s pregnant again

It’s back!

So, and if you haven’t already seen this theory buckle in: There’s a longstanding conspiracy theory online where people are convinced that the Queen was reincarnated and reborn as YouTuber Trisha Paytas’ baby.

Yeah, you did read that right. Basically, controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas went into labour with her first child, Malibu Barbie on the 8th September 2022, the same day Queen Elizabeth II died. Because of the timing of the two events, people came up with the wild theory that Trisha Paytas was giving birth to the Queen reincarnate.

The rumours got so wild that Trisha actually had to address them in a statement on TikTok. She confirmed “there is no reincarnation of the Queen in my baby” and apologised to the royal family. Can you imagine actually having to make a statement like that?

But now, Trisha has just announced that she is expecting her second child with her husband Moses Hacmon due in May 2024 and naturally people have gone WILD. Especially because they’ve already announced he’s going to be a boy. The internet has well and truly revived the rumour and is convinced that King Charles will die in the next nine months and will be reincarnated as Trisha’s next baby.

So here are all the memes about the wild theory of Trisha Paytas giving birth to the next royal incarnate:

Congrats though girlie x

Charlie sweating rn


At least they’ll be together again #trishapaytas #funny #fyp

♬ original sound – k1llwisdm

I fear society would just collapse

Not baby Elvis

Breaking: King Charles has a temperature

It’s the circle of life

You really have to be chronically online to understand these

Someone check that man is okay

Full blown existential crisis mode

This whole saga really is my Roman Empire

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