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The Trust: All the rules of Netflix’s new game show explained

Who said greed can’t be entertaining?

Prepare to be immersed in the world of trust, betrayal, and a life-altering cash prize in Netflix’s latest reality show, The Trust: A Game of Greed. Hosted by Brooke Baldwin, a former CNN host, the show brings together 10 strangers from various walks of life, presenting them with a starting prize pot of $250,000. The catch? They must trust each other to share the winnings, all while facing provocations that test the limits of their alliances. As the title suggests, this is not a game for the faint-hearted – it is a relentless pursuit of self-interest in the face of a substantial financial reward.

So, what happens in The Trust?

Netflix's 'The Trust' Review: A Psychological 'Squid Game'

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Contestants embark on a journey of challenges that scrutinise their ability to trust and cooperate. From ranking each other based on intelligence to voting on personal behaviours, the challenges provoke reactions that can either strengthen the bonds within the group or lead to betrayal. The show stands as a testament to the Hobbesian view of human nature, illustrating how individuals grapple with morality and self-interest when a significant sum of money is at stake.

How many episodes of The Trust are there? 

Netflix's The Trust episode release schedule: When is it next on?

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Contestants in The Trust: A Game of Greed face emotional turbulence and intricate schemes in a cliffside mansion, in the available seven episodes, as the eighth and penultimate episode, with its unreleased climax, promises to deepen the suspense in the quest for the equally shared $250,000 prize.

Episode 1: House of Lies
Episode 2: Why Is Everyone Being so Frickin’ Emotional?
Episode 3: And That Changes Everything…
Episode 4: My Integrity Can’t Be Bought
Episode 5: Selfishness Is NOT Black & White
Episode 6: Snake in the Grass
Episode 7: The Snake Is Slithering
Episode 8: TBA

Who are the contestants on The Trust?

Netflix's The Trust: What are the rules of the new gameshow?

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The Trust: A Game of Greed displays a diverse mix of contestants, each contributing a unique set of skills and backgrounds to the high-stakes social experiment. From ranchers to realtors, military contractors to business coaches, the cast represents a broad spectrum of professions. This diverse ensemble not only spans various occupations but also encompasses a wide age range, with participants ranging from their 20s to over 70. The show promises to explore the dynamics of youthful adaptability and the wisdom that comes with age.

The show’s title, The Trust: A Game of Greed, hints at the challenge, testing contestants’ integrity against temptation. As one participant boldly claims: “The temptation is pretty hard, but my integrity is not for sale.” So, who will navigate this delicate balance till the end? Well, we’ll see.

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