Squid Game: The Challenge player 432, Bryton Constantin

Meet Bryton, US student and player 432 from Squid Game: The Challenge

He’s been dubbed the ‘bully’ of the show, but what’s he like in real life?

Did anyone else start watching Squid Game: The Challenge and quickly realise they couldn’t stop? Because, same. The new reality series is addictive, and I’m obsessed with all the people we’re meeting along the way. One of the main characters in the first drop of episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge is player 432, Bryton.

Right from the start of the show he’s dubbed the dorm “bully” and is given the label of being arrogant and cocky. The young student quickly rubbed people up the wrong way, and formed alliances with the other “big” men playing the games.

But, outside of Squid Game: The Challenge, what is player 432 actually like? Here’s everything we know about Bryton.

Who is player 432 from Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix?

Player 432 in the show is Bryton Constantin, a student who is 21-years-old. He’s from South Carolina. His Netflix description for the show reads: “For fun, Bryton likes learning about God and the Earth, as well as riding dirtbikes, working out, cooking, and reading. He plans on forming alliances while also trusting himself. He says he tends to be very outgoing and confident.”

Bryton attended Clemson University from 2019 to 2022, where he had a football scholarship. Whilst at college, Bryton played football for the Clemson Tigers, but said on the Netflix show he dropped out to take part in Squid Game.

In real life, Bryton has his own business

As well as being a student, Bryton owns his own clothing brand, called Protect Your Peace. His designs very much reflect his religion, and have words such as “This is your reminder to love Jesus” and “Thank you for believing” across sweaters and hoodies.

Player 432 also has over 40k Instagram followers

Right now, Bryton has just over 40k followers on Instagram. He’s posted a lot of pictures from the show, and also shares photos with his mum, selfies, and loads of pictures and videos from the gym. His handle is @brytonconstantin.

He’s also set up a Cameo!

Bryton is clearly making the most of his Netflix fame, as he’s already set up a Cameo account to talk to fans of Squid Game: The Challenge. His bio says: “Player No. 432 on Squid Game. Come talk to me about anything you want, if you have a question, ask it !!! Your secrets are safe with me 🙃”. It currently costs £3 to drop him a message.

Player 432 has no regrets about his time on Squid Game: The Challenge

Despite being branded a villain of the show, player 432 has spoken to Collider and said he was true to himself during Squid Game: The Challenge. “The word[s] ‘villain’ and ‘enemy,’ blah, blah, blah… I’ve always said I don’t think it’s the right word to use for me, I like helping other people,” Bryton said.

“I do understand that my personality is hard to like, especially in an environment like that. If you’re not one of my friends, then nine times out of 10, you’re not gonna like me or understand why I am the way that I am.

“I knew that I had to do something about being there and having this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was raised by a single mom. I was the first coloured person in my family.”

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