Squid Game: The Challenge memes and reactions

These 35 memes prove Squid Game: The Challenge is the best and most wild show ever

I’m hooked, obsessed and need new episodes NOW

Right now, all of us are completely hooked on Squid Game: The Challenge and the memes about the reality series are incredible. Netflix, you had no right going as hard as you did with this show.

The show is pretty much like the original Netflix series, minus all the death, and sees 456 players compete in a set of children’s games for a huge cash prize. Whilst there’s no death, players get “eliminated” as they go along, and one person will be named champion at the end.

It might sound pretty straight forward, but then Netflix threw in the “tests” twist, and a whole bunch of other dramas with alliances among the players. Now I hate to say it, but I’m dangerously invested. So whilst we wait on the edge of our seats for new episodes to drop, here are all the best memes so far about Squid Game: The Challenge.


2. This was so intense

3. These two hit differently

4. Actual art

5. Genuinely I was quite shocked

6. Mother x

7. Love them all

8. Hahahahahahaha bless him

9. A masterpiece!

10. I need their success!!!!

11. My toxic trait is thinking I could easily win

12. I couldn’t deal with the retching omg

13. The most unexpected beef in history

14. This reaction was too much looool

15. After they’d all been warming up lmao

16. No choice but to stan

17. STOP

18. Dr Rick owns my heart

19. My tiny heart can’t deal with this

20. Give them all Oscars

21. The TWIST

22. I wanted him to stay, sorry



25. I loved him a lil bit, sorry

26. I’m still thinking about this

27. The drama is too much

28. The editing of this was BRUTAL

29. Miss him x

30. No crumbs

31. A lil bit obsessed

32. Two angels

33. You love to see it


35. This was truly poetic

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