Squid Game: The Challenge mother and son, player 301, player 302, LeAnn, Trey

The adorable Squid Game: The Challenge mother and son duo and their lives outside the show

Son Trey has a podcast and has been in a HBO show!

One of the main things I can’t get over watching Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix is the too wholesome for words mother and son duo in the cast of players. Honestly, my heart is in my mouth every time they’re on the screen.

Players 301 and 302 own my heart, and as soon as they said they were mother and son and competing together to see how well they could do, I was instantly backing them. The pair reveal a little bit about their lives outside the show whilst taking part in the games, but it looks like they lead a very interesting life when not playing children’s games trying to win millions.

Here’s everything you need to know about the adorable mother and son duo from the cast of Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix.

Squid Game: The Challenge mother and son duo are players 301 and 302, LeAnn and Trey

In Squid Game: The Challenge, LeAnn and Trey Plutnicki are players 301 and 302. Mother LeAnn is 64 and based in New Jersey, and son Trey is 25 and based in Illinois.

LeAnn’s Squid Game bio says: “LeAnn is playing alongside her son Trey (Player 301) and feels she’ll have to overcome the perception the younger players will have about older players. She used to work at The New York Times, and she was the first woman at Kansas State to receive a full ride on a basketball scholarship. She coaches a 9-and 10-year-old girls’ basketball team in her small town.”

Trey’s says: “Trey has seen over 100 Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and likes rock climbing and tap dancing. He convinced his mom, LeAnn (Player 302), to come with him into Squid Game: The Challenge, so he has a built-in alliance. With the winnings, he hopes to help his parents finish paying off their home, among other things.”

LeAnn is a retired newspaper editor and Trey is a delivery driver

LeAnn is retired, but used to be a newspaper editor and has previously worked at publications such as The New York Times. Son Trey currently works as a delivery driver.

During her career, LeAnn worked as the editor for the weddings section of The New York Times up until May 2021. According to LinkedIn, LeAnn worked for the paper for more than 32 years, and previously worked for The Miami Herald. LeAnn has a degree in journalism from Kansas State University, and began her career as a sports reporter for The Kansas City Star.

Trey is also a podcast host and actor

Trey graduated in 2019, from Otterbein University. He has a bachelors degree in fine arts. Since then, he’s gone on to work in the acting industry, and his credits include being an extra in the HBO show, The Gilded Age. Trey also has a number of theatre credits, including playing Benedick in the Utah Shakespeare Theatre showing of Much Ado About Nothing.

As well as this, Trey teachers others about the industry. “I’ve used my time in Utah as an educator, teaching high schoolers local to the southwest US Shakespeare text, improv, and movement work,” his LinkedIn states.

He is also co-host of a podcast, called The Mistletoe Secret, which investigates how Hallmark movies are connected. He really is invested!

Trey has 4k followers on Instagram and LeAnn has 2.6k

Both Trey and LeAnn have Instagram, and their accounts are equally as wholesome as them on the show. Trey has 4k followers, and shows he has a huge interest in the outdoors, running and loves his family. He’s shared pictures of him running marathons, and hanging out with family and his girlfriend.

LeAnn also has an account, and currently has 2.6k followers. Her Instagram profile is basically dedicated to her family and children. It’s adorable!

LeAnn is on TikTok and I’m obsessed

Just when you thought you couldn’t love LeAnn anymore, she has started a TikTok account since starring on Squid Game: The Challenge. So far it’s basically just her hanging out in her green tracksuit, but she’s also posted an adorable video of her supporting Trey at one of his races.

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