The Traitors best moments

All the best moments from The Traitors series one that made it an instant classic

More of this when series two starts tonight please !!!

We all remember where we were when we started to hear a little peep about a show called The Traitors at the tail end of last year. Through the power of Twitter, everyone started watching this weird little show with Claudia Winkleman at the helm – a game of deception, lying where anyone could take it. No influencers here, just normal people with a cast that ended up going down in history. Every episode felt like it was for the ages, an instant classic. With the first three episodes of series two of The Traitors UK dropping on BBC iPlayer tonight at 7, I took a look back at the best moments from the first one that made it a cultural phenomenon.

The instant elimination

The first task the show set the cast, before any Traitors or Faithfuls were yet determined, was for them to get in line ranked from most to least likely to win. Two of the fellas, Amos and Kieran did this extremely annoying, straight-man chivalry thing where they faux humbly put themselves at the bottom of the line. They were then unceremoniously eliminated. Hilarious.

If only the show stuck to this.

Hannah being fuming all series

One of the funniest things to me for all of The Traitors UK series one and something I think about literally all the time is how Hannah is a comedian yet for some reason managed to spend the entire season absolutely fuming. “This is REALLY starting to WIND ME UP now!” Iconic. Hope we get some more raging and furious icons this year.

Wilf and Amanda turning on Alyssa

We’d never seen a game on TV like this – and I don’t think anyone was braced for Wilf and Amanda to turn on fellow Traitor Alyssa and eliminate her. It was a tactical move that mad the two of them look more trustworthy in the eyes of the Faithfuls.

Tom announcing him and Alex are a couple for no reason

Tom was probably the biggest flop contestant in the series one cast. I’m laughing out loud remembering how he declared to the whole cast over a croissant that he was a magician, he knew who the Traitors were and that also he was in a secret relationship with fellow contestant Alex. It was all super chaotic for no reason. They both eventually got booted off.

‘You should have won an OSCAR for that performance’

This goes out to John from The Traitors who just made wrong accusations for the entire show before getting eliminated. Look at the rage in this man’s eyes. I love him.

The legendary Winkleman

Claudia annihilated her role as host. Literally, she is perfect. The meme of her roll neck jumper going over her face is potentially the funniest thing of all time.

Amanda threatening Wilf

“What is on the Welsh flag?” “A dragon…” Dramatic silence. “If you throw me under the bus…”

The fact he did indeed throw her under the bus is hell, but in that moment we were truly alive. Truly one of the best moments of The Traitors.

Maddy just impromptu declaring her verdict on everyone around the table

They need to preserve this in museums. Everyone’s reactions are perfect. The way she’s like 80 per cent wrong. Hannah fuming as per usual. I’m obsessed.

The unbridled cinematic camp of the finale

The flames! The tears! The CARNAGE! Everyone losing their minds. I have actually never seen such a pinnacle of telly concluding with this much finesse. Writers could only dream of penning something this good. The downfall of Wilf… Wow.

Meryl being completely wrong about everything the whole series and still winning the prize money

I think about this meme once a day. I love it. The fact that Meryl didn’t make one correct guess – even in the finale she was the only one saying Wilf was Faithful… and then still won the prize money. Queen shit.

The first three episodes of The Traitors UK series two drop on iPlayer at 7pm tonight. For more like these best moments of The Traitors and the best music, reality TV and entertainment news, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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