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Peggy from MAFS UK explains what she really thinks of Georges’ daily gaming habit

‘Previously I wouldn’t have dated someone who didn’t have a job’

Despite MAFS UK ending a few months ago, I think we can all still remember the rather negative opinions Peggy had about the fact that Georges was making gaming his career.

And whilst the two had their fair share of rocky moments during the experiment they’re still in a very happy relationship together, and Peggy has finally explained exactly what she thinks of Georges’ gaming habit now.

Speaking about life after the show, Peggy said: “Previously I wouldn’t have dated someone who didn’t have a job as I want them to bring something to the table too. It’s a partnership and a team.

“The gaming is nearly every day now too. I’ve been so busy myself, that I haven’t let it impact me, I like to make him happy and it makes him happy. So for the time being it’s alright.”

Peggy also discussed how the distance between them is “the hardest thing.” She said: “I think the hardest thing on the outside for me is the distance. It was nice when we lived together. But Georges at the moment can’t afford for us to live together and I think that’s the hardest part at the moment because it’s an hour-and-a-half travel and we’re both so busy and he obviously games.

“I don’t want to just sit in and watch him game all night.”

As for her relationship with Georges it sounds like it couldn’t be going any better. Peggy explained: “We’ve been on quite a journey, it’s a love story. It will be nice to show our children and grandchildren how we met – just watch it on telly.

“Things are better than ever. People never see what happens behind closed doors, when you go to dinner parties, it’s just drama for starter, main, dessert.”

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