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If you do any of these specific 17 things at Christmas you’re a certified posh girly

Number one: Exclusively wear bows

Everyone knows that the holiday season is the best time of year, whether that’s because it’s socially acceptable to drink at any time of day, or because the cupboards are overflowing with chocolate biscuits and cheese twists. But Christmas as a posh girl is a wildly different experience; swap those hot chocolates for Buck’s Fizz and the Celebrations tub for a profiterole tower. Replace those wellies for skis and crack out the festive toiletries – which are almost exclusively Jo Malone or The White Company for the posh gals. Christmas as a posh girl really is a niche that not all of us can relate to.

If you do any of these 17 things at Christmas, you’re a certified posh girl

1. Exclusively wear your hair in a bow during the festive season

posh girl christmas

I love bows and I’m not denying they’re in right now. A little bow in your hair is festive but not tacky and is the perfect understated Christmas look. But that being said, buying a new bow for each of your Christmas calendar events is a lot. Maybe even switch it up a bit. Would a slick back bun kill you?

2. Put both the Ugg Ultra Mini’s and Tazz Slippers on your Christmas list

I love both but these are mutually exclusive, no? Why would anyone need both?

3. But Jellycat plushies for your secret Santa gifts

posh girl christmas

Splashing the best part of £30 on a Jellycat for someone you barely know is either super generous or is just posh girl coded. But no one is ever mad to receive a Jellycat so please, as you were.

4. Only wear a red lip throughout the festive period

This applies to all occasions where one would leave the house; posting the Christmas cards, collecting the turkey and even picking a tree. A posh girl will wear a red lip everywhere and pull it off. This is a skill that everyone desires but not all are lucky enough to achieve.

5. Plan a murder mystery for the whole family on Christmas Eve

Those girls who love a theme are always the ones to set up and orchestrate a family wide games night on Christmas Eve. Articulate and Charades don’t cut it – this is a full scale family operation and everyone must arrive in costume, in character and with a bottle of bubbly. This event is the perfect excuse to buy a new fur coat and vintage fascinator and is are worlds apart from the drunken games of the chocolate knife and fork game played in terraces houses everywhere on Christmas Eve.

6. Spend the holidays on a slope somewhere

If you’re not spending part of the Christmas period on skis or a board, you’re not posh. End of. And Bulgaria doesn’t count. Après is a seasonal must for any posh gal – but a topless picture with your back to the camera is required or it didn’t happen.

7. Change to Christmas themed bedsheets

You have to be a posh girl to even consider this one. It is a bit of a waste of money to buy bedsheets that you only use during Q4, but they do look cute and are super festive. Bonus points if you own festive cushions for the sofa too.

8. And switch to a Christmas flavoured vape while you’re at it

Who can actually be arsed to switch up their vape flavour throughout the seasons? I cannot think of anything worse than a cotton candy flavoured vape. I’ve seen people stuck on a Blue Razz for over a year, tone the extra down a little.

9. Get multiple sets of Christmas nails

posh girl christmas

Not just any Christmas nails – I’m talking the sets with the 3D snowmen, elf hats and Rudolph noses. You know the ones. If you’re getting not one, but two sets of Christmas nails to match your Christmas social calendar then you’re a posh girl through and through.

10. Bake and decorate a gingerbread house

posh girl christmas

This happens in real life? Unless you’re in a Hollywood movie, there’s no reason you’d ever need to build a gingerbread house. Posh girls love a reason to be extra and this is a perfect example of taking it too far. Just get a gingerbread man from the shop and call it a day like the rest of us.

12. Brave the cold in nothing but Gucci tights

Mad respect. You girls going that extra mile in the name of fashion deserve the utmost respect. Those piccies on Oxford Street are without a doubt worth it for the frostbite.

13. Swap to Christmas scented toiletries

If you have more than one Snow Fairy product on that Christmas list, you know you’re the problem. Switching out your normal toiletries and skincare for a Christmas range is just boujie – those with Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit Cologne or a Neom Christmas Wish on their list are another level of posh. I’m not mad, just jealous.

14. Try every Christmas drink on the Pret menu

Forget the oat milk latte, the Pret Christmas range is exceptional. All social events from November to January 1st will be scheduled at Pret. Any posh girl can vouch for that. You didn’t get the subscription to not have a Merry Berry Hot Chocolate every day of the week.

15. Replace your Longchamp bag (again)

Yes you need another one and no it’s not excessive. The Longchamp bag is a posh girl staple and will be until the end of time. This year the braver girls may even push the boat out and opt for another style. Go on, be bold.

16. Go absolutely everywhere in your silly little AirPods Max

Coffee dates, ice skating, the library. AirPods Max are a necessity for every occasion – they’re literally an outfit staple. No occasion is unsuitable for this accessory.

17. Pair leg warmers with everything

Bonus posh girl points if they’re white, beige or pink. Posh girlies will know that leg warmers are a neccessary pairing with Ugg Tazz this winter. One just cannot do without.

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