The winner of Squid Game: The Challenge has been revealed, here’s how they spent the money

Where do you even begin spending $4.56million?

After three long weeks of drama and being on the edge of our seats, the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge has been revealed and they’ve taken home the biggest amount of money ever put up for grabs on a reality TV series.

During the final episode of the show, we saw Sam come third after a game of chance with the buttons over dinner, and then Phill and Mai had to battle it out in the most intense game of rock, paper, scissors you’ve ever seen. In the end Mai Whelan, aka player 287, was crowned and she won the key to the safe, taking home the full $4.56million prize fund.

It’s been a while since the show was filmed, and that’s a lot of money to suddenly find yourself with in your bank account, so here’s what Mai has said she’s done with the cash so far.

How the Squid Game: The Challenge winner Mai spent her money from the prize fund

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How did Mai spend the money she got as the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge?

Mai has said she’s spending a lot of her $4.56million prize fund renovating her home in Virginia, and building a small dock for a boat on the property. Speaking to The Times, she said she hasn’t yet received the cash, but she’s already made big plans for it.

Of course, she had to get one thing as a spontaneous splurge. Speaking to Netflix, Mai said she has bought a black velvet Ralph Lauren gown, which she plans to wear to her upcoming press tour as winner of the competition. “It’s a beautiful dress,” Mai said. “I couldn’t help it. But that’s about as frivolous as I want to go.” She also got some Jimmy Choo shoes, and paid to get a full new hair-do. Iconic.

“I’m thinking about a retirement home somewhere,” she told The Times. “We don’t know where yet, and we are happy with where we are.”

Mai has said she also wants to use her money on something beyond spending it on herself. “My heart is with people, animals, and climate change,” she told Netflix, of how she plans to spend her winnings. “If we continue what we’re doing, there won’t be a future for all the little kids growing up right now.”

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