It’s confirmed! Squid Game: The Challenge will be back for season two – here’s how to apply

I genuinely think I could win

Netflix has officially confirmed that Squid Game: The Challenge will be back for a season two. Yep, giving away $4.56million to one lucky player just wasn’t enough – we’re going to watch hundreds of people get the chance to do so again.

Ever since the first episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge were released on Netflix the show has been in the top 10 and all anyone can talk about, so it’s no surprise Netflix wanted to give us a season two. We’ve been on the edge of our seats watching the players get eliminated in their hundreds to see who can take home what is the biggest prize fund in reality TV history.

What’s more, applications for Squid Game: The Challenge season two are now open – so here’s how to apply to become a millionaire yourself.

Squid Game The Challenge season two and how to apply

via Netflix

How to apply to be on Squid Game: The Challenge season two

Squid Game: The Challenge is now casting for season two, with applications being accepted via the website here. To apply, you select whether you are a UK, US, or global applicant. You are then asked some basic questions about yourself, before uploading a one minute video.

In the video, Netflix asks you to talk about yourself, why you want to be on Squid Game: The Challenge, what your game plan would be, and what you would do with a huge $4.56million cash prize if you won. You’re then asked to upload a few images, and then maybe you’ll be selected and become a millionaire?

The website teases: “With the largest cast in reality TV history, 456 real players will enter the game in pursuit of a life-changing cash prize of $4.56million. Do you have what it takes to win Squid Game: The Challenge?”

Here’s the application link.

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