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Nerd alert! These are officially the uni degrees where students work the hardest

And it’s surprisingly not medicine students

Thinking your degree is the hardest of them all is a uni rite of passage. The medicine students with a million contact hours a week claim they work the hardest it but so do the English students who whine about having one lecture a week which they end up skipping. But which uni degree generally works the hardest?

Sleep experts at Bed Kingdom have analysed 15 subjects to calculate the most sleep-deprived uni degrees. But to work this out, one of the factors studied was the number of independent study hours the students of each degree subject do.

At the top of the list is, surprisingly, architecture, building and planning students. All those pesky buildings they need to plan! With an average of 19.83 hours spent doing uni work outside of lectures and seminars, architecture students are officially the most hardworking uni students. As well as working the hardest, they also have a high number of contact hours averaging 15.30 a week which makes architecture, building and planning students the most sleep-deprived too.

Architecture students are closely followed by humanities and liberal arts students who work the second hardest. On average, humanities and liberal arts students do around 18.94 hours of uni work outside of their non-existent contact hours a week. This works out to around 2.7 hours every day. But the liberal arts girlies do also have the lowest amount of contact hours with an average of 8.90 a week.

But at the bottom, agricultural, food and related studies students work the least hard in their degrees. On average, these students spend around 12.78 hours a week doing uni work outside of lectures and seminars. This works out at less than two hours a day.

So, everyone thinks that their degree is the most difficult, but here are officially the uni degrees where students work the hardest:

15. Agricultural, food and related studies – 12.78 hours a week

14. Education and teaching – 13.48 hours a week

13. Art and design – 13.95 hours a week

12. Biomedical science – 14.46 hours a week

11. Physical sciences – 14.7 hours a week

10. Biological and sport sciences  – 14.87 hours a week

9. Computing – 14.94 hours a week

8. Engineering and technology – 15.12 hours a week

7.  Maths – 15.52 hours a week

6. Veterinary Sciences – 15.68 hours a week

5. Combined and general studies – 15.84 hours a week

4. Medicine and dentistry – 16.37 hours a week

3. General sciences – 16.96 hours a week

2. Humanities and liberal arts – 18.94 hours a week

1. Architecture, building and planning – 19.83 hours a week

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