Modern Warfare 3 players

Here are the six different types of players you’ll find in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

If you use the ‘Groot’ aka Gaia skin please don’t talk to me

Modern Warfare 3 released this month, and if you’ve persevered enough to make it through the 50 million loading screens that it takes to get to the multiplayer, then you’ll be well acquainted with the different types of players you’ll find in the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps.

From campers to people who breathe unnecessarily close to their mics, here are the six different types of players you’ll, unfortunately, have to deal with at some point or another during your Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer experience, if you manage to even get in that is.

The one who camps

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These types of players are the worst, they’ll deliberately camp out by the spawn point, or hunt down one of your personal respawn flares and just wait. It makes playing the maps so frustrating, especially if they combine being a camper with a sniper rifle, and usually end up hiding in a remote building somewhere whilst decimating your team.

I get that we all have gun-skin challenges to complete, but at least give the other players a chance!

The one who snipes

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Sniper rifles can be the difference between winning and losing a match, but some players’ rifle builds make it so they can spot an ant from miles away. You’ll see the glint of the gun before you see them, that is if they don’t quite literally shoot you in the back.

The absolute worst type of sniper is one that starts sniping at you whilst you’re entering or re-entering the map on your parachute. I’m defenceless over here and they’re having the time of their life!

The one who clearly cheats

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Despite Modern Warfare 3 using anti-cheating software to stop players from cheating, we all know it still happens. We all know this because you’ll be hidden inside a literal building and someone will headshot you through the actual wall. Now to my knowledge, they don’t have X-ray and wall-piercing bullets in Modern Warfare 3, and the pinpoint accuracy of these players can only mean that they’re cheating.

Whilst you can report them, they’re not always removed from the match and it really takes the fun out of that game session for everyone else. If you’re that bad at a game, just practice, please.

The one who’s obsessed with that tree skin

Modern Warfare 3 players

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Okay, so there are some admittedly pretty cool skins in Modern Warfare 3. But for the purposes of this article, I’m using this as an outlet to express my pure unbridled disdain and hatred for anyone who uses the ‘Groot’ aka Gaia skin. The amount of time I’ve spent waiting to finally get into a multiplayer map, and find some good gear, only to be unceremoniously killed by what is essentially a tree, is too much.

The skin itself is almost invisible to the naked eye, and if you’re in an area with a lot of bushes or trees you might as well kiss any chance of making it out in one piece goodbye.

But, as if the devs read my mind they confirmed on Reddit that in a future update, they will be removing the skin from the game, praise be!

The newbie

Modern Warfare 3 players

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Whether with Modern Warfare 3 or another FPS multiplayer game, all of us were newbies at some point or another. But once you actually start getting good, you forget you were once completely inept and newbies become the most annoying players on earth. Some seem to lack standard common sense, causing some incredibly painful situations.

I was playing DMZ the other day and we had successfully picked up the hostage and just needed to drop them into the helicopter and were then going to exfil out with them. The newbie we had been matched with didn’t know you had to drop the hostage for the helicopter to take off, so despite us spamming the chat to tell them to drop the hostage they simply didn’t. It led to another team finding us and killing us all, whilst I shed a silent tear for the loss of my three-plate armour vest.

Newbies, we want to support you but please try to be a help and not a hindrance.

The one with their mic always on

Modern Warfare 3 players

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We don’t need to hear your awful self-made music, random incoherent bits of conversation or the crackling of your mic brushing up against your clothes. For all of our sanity unless you actually have something helpful to say, please turn your mic off. Nobody wants to hear your parents’ 15th massive argument of the day in the background of your match.

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