Marie-Lou Nurk from Selling Sunset

Modelling and dating CEOs: Inside Selling Sunset star Marie-Lou Nurk’s vibey and rich life

She splits her time between Paris and LA

No matter what you might think about her, Marie-Lou Nurk has captured us all in season seven of Selling Sunset. She’s the rogue extra character in the storylines we didn’t know we needed, but she really has provided.

Throughout season seven she’s been dating Jason, and causing drama with Chrishell – all without us really knowing anything about her. So, who is she and what’s going on in her life now?

Here’s everything you need to know about Selling Sunset breakout star, Marie-Lou Nurk.

Marie-Lou Nurk is a model who grew up in Germany

Marie-Lou Nurk is a model, and grew up in the south of Germany. She now splits her time between Paris and LA. According to her LinkedIn, she attended Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany from 2018 to 2021, and got a degree in marketing.

As well as being a model, Marie-Lou works as a strategist for a design company. As a model, she is signed with Mega Model Agency.

Since breaking up with Jason Oppenheim, Marie-Lou Nurk is now dating a CEO

Marie-Lou and Jason announced their split in May 2023, after 10 months together. “While we still love and care about each other very much the distance between us has proven to be too great a challenge to overcome,” Jason wrote on Instagram. “We remain close friends and continue to talk often and support each other and we want the very best for one another. We thank everyone for their support throughout our relationship.”

But she’s very much moved on, as Marie-Lou has debuted her new man in St Tropez. She posted a series of photos of her cosying up with an untagged man there, with the last slide saying: “You’re my favourite secret.” Her new partner is called Ronan, and he works as an entrepreneur and is the CEO of a venture capital company.

She has 191k followers on Instagram

Right now, Marie-Lou has just under 200k Instagram followers. On there she has very much a clean girl aesthetic, sharing snaps from her modelling work, and her out enjoying fancy dinners and lunches in cities all over the world. She’s always out for lunch in Paris, or sharing a picture of a new Prada bag she’s bought. It’s a life!

Marie-Lou Nurk has an estimated net worth of $600k.

According to reports, from her successful career as a model, Marie-Lou has earned a net worth of $600k.

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