Meet Kelly Fisher: The model who was Dodi Fayed’s fiancée when he dated Diana

It’s true that she tried to sue Dodi for calling off their engagement


Part one of The Crown season six is all about Princess Diana and her relationship with film producer Dodi Fayed. We see the pair becoming involved with each other romantically, whilst Dodi is still engaged to Kelly Fisher.

Kelly Fisher seemingly got left behind as her fiancé went away on a yacht with Diana, and was worried about the two and their relationship getting more serious. So who is Kelly Fisher and what happened to her? Here are all the details you need to know.

Kelly Fisher is a model, and was with Dodi Fayed from 1996

Kelly Fisher, Dodi Fayed, The Crown season six on Netflix

Kelly Fisher in 1997, via Miquel Benitez/Shutterstock

Kelly Fisher was born in Kentucky, but later moved to Ontario in Canada with her family. It was here she began her career in modelling, aged just 16. She dropped out of college after two semesters, turning her focus to being a model full-time. “I lived in Kentucky until I was about eight years old,” she told Aiken Women in 2014. “My father’s work as the vice president of an international company had us relocating often.”

Over her career Kelly has become hugely successful – she’s appeared on magazine covers such as Elle and Marie Claire, and has worked on campaigns for Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret.

Dodi and Kelly Fisher met in Paris in 1996, and began dating that year. They reportedly dated for eight months before getting engaged in February 1997.

In the summer of 1997, Dodi’s father planned for Dodi and Diana to go on holiday on one of his yachts, with hope they would fall in love. Pictures were all over the newspapers in August 1997, showing Diana and Dodi kissing in St Tropez.

Did Fisher actually sue Dodi for what happened with Diana?

Kelly Fisher, Dodi Fayed, The Crown season six on Netflix

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In The Crown, it’s said Kelly Fisher sued Dodi after he cheated with Diana, because he had told her to put off work commitments as he could provide for her. It’s been reported Dodi bought him and Kelly a mansion in Malibu, using his father’s money.

It is true that Kelly Fisher sued Dodi after the Diana news hit the press. In 1997, it was reported “jilted and humiliated” Kelly had filed a lawsuit against Dodi Fayed for breaking off their engagement. Aged 31, Kelly wore her huge engagement ring at a press conference attended with her lawyer, and said in a statement Dodi “led her emotionally all the way up to the altar and abandoned her when they were almost there. He threw her love away in a callous way with no regard for her whatsoever.”

She filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit as she had “put her career in second place behind [Dodi] to spend more time with him and less on her modelling career.” She claimed Dodi had offered her $500k to spend more time with him, and promised her the Malibu home. Kelly Fisher also sold her story to the British press for £200k.

At the time, Fayed said he knew Kelly, but denied they were ever engaged. Weeks later, Diana and Dodi passed away, and Kelly Fisher voluntarily dropped her case.

What happened to Kelly Fisher after Dodi’s death?

After the deaths of Dodi and Diana, Kelly Fisher released a statement saying in light on the tragedy, she forgave Dodi for what happened between them. In 2007, Fisher gave evidence for the inquest into the deaths of Dodi and Diana.

Kelly Fisher later married a Russian pilot. She met Mikhail Movshina in 2007 while on a safari in the Central African Republic, and the couple lived in Paris and the French Alps before settling in Aiken, South Carolina.

In 2011, Mikhail and Kelly welcomed a daughter called Alexandra, and as of now, Kelly Movshina still lives in Aiken with her daughter whilst Mikhail travels the world as part of a an around-the-world helicopter trip. Kelly is no longer in the public eye, and works as a property developer.

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