Train station quiz

Only a seasoned train expert will get full marks on this UK train station quiz

Channel your inner Francis Bourgeois

If your TikTok FYP is anything like mine then it’s absolutely FILLED with those random train station quizzes where you have to guess the name of the UK station based on one picture. And you probably watch every single one without fail and get really angry when you get them all wrong even though you literally hardly leave the house.

You might spend way too much time on trains and have an extensive knowledge of the UK’s rail service, maybe you like train spotting or maybe you never leave your house but spend way too much time doing the quizzes on TikTok.

Either way, if you think you can distinguish between your London Paddington and your London Victoria or you’re an expert at all the niche small stations up north, we’ve devised a mega UK train station quiz for you.

So if you think you’re the new Francis Bourgeois or you just spend all your time on trains, see how well you do in this UK train stations quiz:

Featured images via Unsplash. 

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