MAFS UK evil ranking

Ranking the 2023 MAFS UK cast by who is undoubtedly the most pure evil

Peggy gets worse every episode I fear

On a show like MAFS UK, the mighty fall episode to episode – with the cast who you thought you absolutely loved becoming pure evil in a matter of seconds. There’s ups, downs and unforgivables – but who in the MAFS UK cast is most evil right now? These rankings are fleeting because on Monday my favourite might shatter their facade, but for right now here is a very scientific and accurate ranking of who in the MAFS UK cast is most evil.

13. Adrienne

I feel just really sorry for Adrienne. Obviously a lovely girl and it’s drying up with Matt, and it’s not really her fault or his fault. It’s just a sad situation. The least evil in the cast right now.

12. Arthur

Poor Arthur, honestly. He just constantly gets it in the neck. He’s never come across to me as anything other than sound, and after last night’s barrage of evil from those who will not be named he’s coming out less evil than ever before. Just a nice lad, isn’t he?

11. Georges

I have absolutely no clue what Georges sees in Peggy to stay at this point. I hate that he’s trying to change himself to make her happy because honestly, is it worth it? Is this someone worth making that happy? He’s a lovely, funny, warm and confident person who makes me want to be around and he would be at the bottom of this ranking if he wasn’t trying so hard to make it work with someone completely unworkable.

10. Ella

Not evil, but an icon. She’s too mischievous and chaotic to be at the bottom of the ranking because she’s always got an evil glint in her eye – but I do love her and hope Ar Ella gets her shag.

9. Paul

Erm, free Paul. Tasha is… not the girl I thought she was. I went off Paul when he defended Tasha to the hilt with the Erica beef even though Tasha was totally in the wrong, but now I need him to wake up, smell the coffee and leg it.

8. JJ 

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like JJ… He was bad vibes with Bianca, sure – but since I think he’s had a redemption arc. I hope he treats Ella well and they have a good old bang. They both need it.

7. Erica and Jordan

I feel really sad saying this, because I want them both to work out, but this last week they’ve been their own worst enemy. I hope they can overcome it, because it’s six of one half a dozen of the other but I really think they have their best interests at heart and clearly really care for each other. Both also have lovely families too.

6. Laura

Love Laura with all my heart and soul, but until she sorts the attitudes of her pals out she will be ranking at six when it comes to the most evil MAFS UK cast.

5. Matt

If being boring is a crime, Matt committed it ten fold. Sorry.

4. Rozz and Thomas

I adore Rozz and Thomas with all my heart and soul but they did something this week that was evil. And I’m not afraid to say it. Putting love eggs in and letting Thomas control the vibrations of them at a dinner party is evil. I am not a prude, I’m all forest talk and kinks – but don’t get everyone involved in your shenanigans unless they say they want to be! I don’t want to talk to someone on the cusp of a secret orgasm in the middle of my potato dauphinois.

3. Tasha

The biggest fall from grace in television history.

2. Laura’s mates

Absolutely evil beyond words.

1. Peggy

I know TV edits people to fit storylines, but I really hope of Peggy’s sake that is the case here to the extreme because she’s coming across completely unreasonable and just plain unkind. Why is she so against the things that make Georges who he is? Why does she never shut up about the fact he did a squat on Twitch but then went and squatted on the roof with Matt on national TV? Is there any difference? I’ve had enough.

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