Love Is Blind season five cast members with new partners

Introducing all the new partners of the Love Is Blind season five cast members

Stacy’s just gone official with someone from Married at First Sight!


Since Love Is Blind season five, loads of the cast members have debuted new partners and spoken of the relationships they’ve formed after the show. They struggled finding love in the pods, so maybe love isn’t blind, because they’ve done pretty well outside of them.

Both Izzy and Stacy have moved on with other people after she said no at the altar, Johnie has also started living her best life after Chris cheated on her, and JP and Taylor have also moved on with other people – I just hope JP’s new girlfriend has no intention of ever wearing makeup again.

Here are all the new partners the cast of Love Is Blind season five have introduced us to.


One of the biggest revelations at the Love Is Blind season five reunion was that not only have Izzy and Stacy ended everything since the show, they’ve both moved on to new people. Since then, Izzy has started posting about the new relationship in his life, sharing loads of loved up pictures with his new girlfriend.

He shared a few pictures with his new girlfriend, Shelby Webb, and everyone is pointing out that she looks an awful lot like Stacy. He posted one captioned: “It all started with a cooking class…” and one person said: “Of course she looks like Stacy lol,” whilst another added: “Def has a type.”

It looks as though Izzy and Shelby met at a cooking class, and they have already got matching tattoos which say “yes chef” on their arms.


Johnie revealed in the reunion that she and cast mate Chris, who she started seeing after the pods, had broken up because he cheated on her, and she and Izzy had also met up but nothing came of their relationship a second time around.

But that was a long time ago now, as Johnie is loved up with new boyfriend, structural aerospace engineer Alex Yovanovic. Sharing a load of cute selfies of them together on Instagram, Johnie said they’ve already had their one year anniversary together and are happier than ever.

Her Instagram is full to bursting of pictures of her and Alex, which I’m taking must have been archived whilst she was on Love Is Blind, because they look so full of love it’s adorable.


JP and Taylor broke off their Love Is Blind relationship and engagement, after he made comments about her wearing makeup during the retreat to Mexico. Since then, JP has gone Instagram official with someone new.

He shared a post to Instagram all about his relationship with girlfriend, Ellen Hense. “Over a year ago I met the sweetest, most loving, caring, awesome, sexy, and fun person,” he said. “She’s just the best! 🫶.” The post showed loads of pictures of their first year together, including attending sporting events and going on holiday.


Taylor has also put her time in the pods behind her, debuting a new man on Insta. She shared a post with a guy called Cameron Shelton as they attended a wedding together, with the caption: “Found my plus one”.


In the reunion episode, Stacy also said she is seeing someone else now. She described an awkward run-in she and her new boyfriend had with Izzy and his new girlfriend, and since then has revealed she’s seeing someone from Married at First Sight.

She announced her new romance through a joint post with MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak, saying they were both watching new Love Is Blind. “🍿 The Couple’s Couch! 🍿 Watch us drink and chat about the new season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind! Y’all voted for us to drink anytime someone said, ‘baby,’ or, ‘connection,’ the post read. She concluded: “Oh yeah and I’m dating @ryanignacho.”

They clearly bonded over their love for wedding-based reality shows, as Ryan was set up with Brett Layton on season 13 of Married at First Sight in 2021The pair clashed over their beliefs, and things didn’t work out.

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