Memes and reactions to Love Is Blind season five reunion on Netflix

These 25 memes about the Love Is Blind season five reunion are better than the entire show

How did a season so bad produce a reunion with so much drama?

It’s that time again! The Love Is Blind reunion is always the best part of the show, and following the season five weddings and reunion dropping on Netflix, everyone has been posting memes and reactions about the drama.

Despite this season being one of the driest yet, somehow the reunion came through with lots of drama and shocking revelations. Obviously we got to see which couples were still together and anything that’s happened since the series was filmed, but with that came fights, chaos, and even a secret villain in Chris!

The show saw Izzy and Stacy, JP and Taylor, and Milton and Lydia sit on the sofas opposite hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. But loads of the drama also came from Chris, Johnie and Aaliyah. Here are all the best memes about the Love Is Blind season five reunion. Enjoy!

1. I need answers!

2. How has this managed to happen?!

3. A shock!

4. There really is no lie here


6. Oops x

7. Welcome to the club!

8. I’m out

9. An angel!

10. Hahahaha

11. Are they SURE?!

12. He was perplexed

13. Truth

14. Unbothered x


16. A curveball, sure

17. Fully obsessed with this for her


19. A bit of a yikes tbh

20. Nothing but respect!

21. I’m here for it!

22. I’ll hand him that one

23. Seriously!

24. Enough hahahaha

25. I can’t wait to see you all again next time!

Wow, that was a lot!

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