Izzy from Love Is Blind with his new girlfriend

Izzy reveals his new girlfriend since Love Is Blind season five and she looks a LOT like Stacy

Well, this is awkward

One of the biggest revelations at the Love Is Blind season five reunion was that not only have Izzy and Stacy ended everything since the show, they’ve both moved on to new people. And since the final episode of Love Is Blind airing on Netflix, Izzy has shared some pretty loved up pictures with his new girlfriend.

That’s very sweet and I’m sure everyone wishes them well, but we can’t avoid what’s staring us right in the face. Izzy’s new gal looks a lot like Stacy. He definitely has a type!

He shared a few pictures with his new girlfriend, Shelby Webb, captioned: “It all started with a cooking class…” It’s adorable, but everyone in the comments is saying the same thing. “Of course she looks like Stacy lol,” one person said. “Def has a type,” another added.

Izzy and Stacy clearly have no bad blood between them, as even Stacy was in the comments. “Cuties ❤️” she said under the post.

It looks as though Izzy and Shelby met at a cooking class, and they have already got matching tattoos which say “yes chef” on their arms. Cute!

After the reunion, Stacy spoke to ET about her reason for saying no to Izzy at the altar. “It didn’t feel right to just take a leap,” she said. “There were big issues” which she clarified were “not just bad credit.”

She added: “It was him not being able to really describe his job. [It] was a brand new job. He couldn’t disclose to me how he made money, how much he made.

“The whole thing just seemed very question mark and it was concerning that he was looking at me like it wasn’t a big deal. That’s a huge deal, so I felt very alone, and I didn’t feel like there was any way to make up that ground in a matter of 24 hours.”

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