Every Love Island ultimate bombshell return, ranked from massive flop to actually decent

They were all shell but no bomb

A new tactic from the Love Island producers for causing drama in recent series is to throw in a bombshell who is a previous Islander, in the hope their return will set the villa alight.

So far, we’ve seen very little success. We all sit on our sofas and gasp as the preview for their arrival is teased, and reminisce on how chaotic they were as an Islander the first time around, before being greeted by a PG-13 version of who we used to know, preaching they’re “mature now” and looking for a genuine chance at love. Boring!

But, has anyone actually come back and been worth our time? Here is an extremely well considered ranking of every return bombshell there has been on Love Island, by how impactful their dramatic comeback actually was.

Aaron Waters

Bombshell score: 0/10

Love Island return ultimate bombshell Aaron Waters

via ITV

Genuine question: Who is this man? I don’t even think it’s too harsh to say I couldn’t tell you a single word this man said, or a single thing he did in the villa. Apparently the Aussie returnee walked into the villa during the winter Love Island 2023 series, but that’s all I know about him.

Adam Collard

Bombshell score: 4/10

Adam Collard

via ITV

When Adam Collard returned for Love Island 2022 we were all shook to our very cores, but for what? His bombshelling was piss poor. Adam Collard was such a character in the 2018 villa that the act of “Collarding” became a recognised verb. But as he returned, he had some drama with Jacques, coupled up with Paige and that was that.

In an interview after being on the show, Adam straight up admitted he went back on the show to boost his fame and to make some extra cash so he could buy a gym. He’s even said himself he thought his second stint was “less enjoyable” and he wasn’t like who he was in the 2018 series.

Kady McDermott

Bombshell score: 6/10

Love Island return ultimate bombshell Kady McDermott

via ITV

Out of every return bombshell, Kady is probably the one who cause the most drama. We got nowhere near season two Kady, but we were never going to get that. The days of the Islanders getting smashed, physically fighting one another and shagging for all to see are very much over.

But, Kady did provide a lot of firsts and drama when she came back. Her entry was pretty iconic, and was the first time a bombshell was asked to couple up with someone instantly and send an Islander home. She has to get a few bombshell points for sending Molly Marsh home, we all let out a gasp at that.

Then, she ruffled a few feathers and made a few scatty comments, before coupling up with Ouzy and being dumped. She was a shadow of 2016 Kady, but still decent TV value.

Jessie Wynter

Bombshell score: 7/10

Love Island return ultimate bombshell Jessie Wynter

via ITV

In terms of a return bombshell, Jessie is definitely the best Love Island has ever done it. We’ve still never truly had someone return to the show and cause absolute havoc, but as far as it goes, Jessie did pretty well.

Considering the winter 2023 series was very dry, Jessie and Will were one of the highlights. They had a rocky Casa Amor, Jessie cried a lot, and throughout people doubted her intentions because it was her second time on the show. But overall, they’ve proven to be a very wholesome couple, and are one of the few Love Island couples who are still together.

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