‘She didn’t bring any chaos’: What dumped Love Island 2023 Islanders have said about Molly

Kady has already called her out for smirking when she and Ouzy were voted least popular


There’s no point even denying it – Molly Marsh has been one of the biggest characters in the Love Island 2023 villa. No matter what you think of her, she’s a perfect Islander for dividing opinion and causing drama. But what do those in the villa actually think of her? So far, the dumped Islanders of Love Island 2023 haven’t exactly held back with things to say about Molly.

They are pretty much all in agreement that Molly has the villa in a chokehold, and have shared their honest truths about what her journey has been like in there.

Here’s what everyone who has been dumped from Love Island 2023 so far has had to say about Molly.

‘This isn’t Molly Island’

Dumped Love Island 2023 cast members talking about Molly Marsh

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Remember when every man was obsessed with Molly back at the start of the show? When she was dumped from Love Island 2023, Ruchee had a lot to say about it. She issued a warning to Mitchel, and basically said he needed to open his eyes and move on.

“The vibe with Molly and Mitch is giving friendship,” she said on Aftersun. “Mitch, wake up, this is not Molly Island, this is Love Island.” Ruchee also said that given the chance, she would have sent Molly home. Savage.

‘Evil bitchy’

Dumped Love Island 2023 cast members talking about Molly Marsh

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Dumped Islander Charlotte came for Molly when she left, and really didn’t hold back in her opinions of her since leaving the villa. Talking on Instagram, Charlotte has been speaking about what went down when she and Molly were fighting over Zach’s affections.

“Me and Molly got along I do feel like, however, when I saw the video back of me and Zach, well and Molly, working out she was proper giving me evil bitchy looks so I did think that was a bit bitchy,” Charlotte said. She did admit however, that despite this, she and Molly got on overall.

‘She didn’t bring any chaos’

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When Molly returned to Casa Amor as a bombshell, we expected a hurricane to follow and for the villa to practically burn down. What we actually got was Zach pleasantly recoupling with her, and half the girls having to have her pointed out to them because they didn’t notice her in the Casa girl lineup during the recoupling.

Mehdi was also clearly wanting more, as when he was asked what he thought about her return he said: “So when I heard that Molly was returning to Casa Amor, I was like, ‘Molly, you have the nation on your back, bring some chaos.’ And she didn’t.”

Kady has clapped back at Molly smirking when she and Ouzy were voted least popular

When Kady and Ouzy were dumped from Love Island, it was following a vote by the public for who was the favourite couple in the villa. Kady and Ouzy were voted among the least favourite, and when this was announced it seemed as though Molly smirked at the result.

There had been some prior beef here – obviously Kady was the one who initially caused Molly to get dumped, and then this came just after Zach had chosen to kiss Kady during Snog, Marry, Pie.

Kady has called out Molly for smirking at her – she quoted a tweet about the moment and added: “Whilst she was wearing my bikini, make it make sense.” Awkward!

‘Mitch choosing Molly was a little bit weird’

On TikTok, first dumped Islander George has been answering loads of questions from viewers in a series of videos. In one, he was asked if he could see Mitch and Molly ever getting back together and working things out. He said Molly was more interested in “getting to know everyone else” and said “that ship has sailed” and it was obvious from early on that it wasn’t going to work out.

“Mitch choosing Molly in the recoupling was a little bit weird,” he said. “Over saving Ruchee, I don’t think it made any sense. I don’t think Mitch is over Molly at all. If he had come in a little bit easier, and maybe not started kissing her knee, he might have been alright.”

‘It has been the Molly show for quite a few episodes now’

In a further clip, from a few days ago when there was tension between Jess and Molly, George was asked what his opinion on the drama was. He said he felt “it has been the Molly show for quite a few episodes now and that is quite common knowledge.” He said he’s “not hating on the girl” but it “has just been a lot about her.”

He said he “won’t slate her” because he did give her attention himself, but said she must have “shit herself a little bit” when the two new girls [Charlotte and Leah] came in and forced her to commit to one person and stop getting to know everyone. He said going forward, Molly needs to be “more clear” about what she wants.

None of the Islanders have mentioned her as being genuine

When Islanders get dumped, they each do an interview with Love Island about their time in the villa and reflecting upon their journey. They are all asked which couples they think are genuine, and who they are rooting for. Not a single dumped Islander so far has mentioned Molly in their answer to this question.

Some have also been asked about their closest friendships in the villa, and none mentioned Molly. Yikes!

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