‘I didn’t think she’d like me this much’: Kady and Ouzy on what’s next after Love Island 2023

‘I’m excited to go on dates and experience everyday things’

Last night saw a brutal twist in Love Island dumpings, with Lochan and Whitney given the power to send a couple home. They chose to send Kady and Ouzy packing, and they left the Love Island 2023 villa immediately.

Kady and Ouzy have admitted themselves they’re “slow burners” and didn’t even get to know each other when they immediately met during Casa Amor – but now their Love Island journey is over, what’s next for them?

Following being dumped from the villa, they’ve shared all about their plans outside the villa, and if they see a future together. Here’s what they had to say.

Kady and Ouzy have been dumped from Love Island 2023

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‘There is no one in there that I would have had a better connection with’

Leaving the villa, Kady said she loved the experience of being back, and didn’t think she’d last four weeks like she did. She said she felt a “connection” with Ouzy, and added: “There is no one in there that I would have had a better connection with. Leaving with Ouzy made it so much nicer so I felt like it was my time to go.” 

She said they may not have spoken much in Casa Amor, but that was because Ouzy was “so shy”. Kady said: “Him and Ella knew each other before so even when Ella brought him back, I didn’t think we would connect. We’re both slow burners but we have the same morals, we were both the oldest in there – I was screaming for an older boy and some maturity! He’s bloody beautiful too.”

Ouzy also said leaving felt better because he was “happy about the fact that I left with someone I have a connection with.” He said he was “surprised” Kady chose to get to know him and “didn’t think she would like me as much as she does.”

He added: “The last two weeks in the villa have been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for more. She’s ticking so many boxes and every day we’re getting closer and closer.

“Kady was really the one that I felt like there could be a connection on a deeper level so I’m glad it worked out the way it did.”

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What’s next for Kady and Ouzy, after being dumped from Love Island 2023?

So, the big question is if Kady and Ouzy are going to try and make things work on the outside. They’ve said they are, and are planning a few dates in the real world.

Kady said: “I’m excited to go on dates with him and experience everyday things. I’ve never been to Edinburgh so I’m definitely going to go to Edinburgh. He’s got five beautiful sisters and he said they’ll all love me. He’s going to come down to my house and meet my dog.”

Ouzy added: “She said that she wants to come to Edinburgh so I’ll show her a bit of Edinburgh – that is definitely on the cards.”

Watch this space!

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