They’re here! Introducing the jilted and very angry exes of the Love Island 2023 cast

They have A LOT to say


It’s that time of year again – Love Island 2023 is getting really juicy, and the exes of the cast members have been coming out and dishing their dirt.

Every year ex girlfriends and boyfriends of the Islanders come out the woodwork, and share loads about their relationships, be it good or bad things. But yeah, it’s mostly bad.

So, here’s a rundown of all the known exes of the cast of Love Island 2023, and if they’ve had anything to say about their former flame being on the show.

Lauren Foster – Mitchel’s ex girlfriend

Yikes – Mitchel has been at the centre of a lot of chat with his exes since he’s joined the villa. He’s only got himself to blame really, when on the show he admitted to cheating on his ex girlfriend with two other girls.

That ex was Lauren Foster, who branded him “disrespectful” in a series of TikToks. According to The Sun, Lauren was left “heartbroken” by Mitchel, after learning he was seeing two other girls during their four year relationship.

A source told The Sun: “Mitch and Lauren met when they were young and it was an ongoing saga of him dumping her for someone he thought was better, then begging for another chance. It was a toxic spiral that bashed her self-esteem.”

But, that wasn’t all. Then, all three girls clubbed together to trash him on TikTok. It’s giving John Tucker Must Die. The TikTok video, shot in January, shows 26-year-old Lauren alongside student Jemma Tattersall and Team GB dressage rider, Erin Williams.


when the other women get together x @laurenfoster_97 @erinwilliams_1 #trending #tiktok #viral #fyp

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In the clip, the girls recreate a scene from film The Other Woman, in which a trio of women find out they’re all dating the same man. A little bit iconic.

Jon Clark – Jess’s ex boyfriend

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Jess was linked to TOWIE and Love Island season one star, Jon Clark. They met on Hinge, and briefly dated last year. The couple reportedly enjoyed trips to Winter Wonderland, with Jess saying she felt “prestige” being seen with him.

“He got me in the VIP section,” she told The Mirror.”I felt well prestige.” The couple ended things because 22-year-old Jess felt 33-year-old Jon was too old for her.

Danny Williams – Leah’s ex boyfriend

The exes of the cast of Love Island 2023

via Instagram

One of Leah’s exes is 2019 cast member Danny Williams, who she dated for over a year before she was on Love Island 2023.

According to reports, Danny and Leah began dating back in November 2020. They’ve since broken up, and unfollowed each other on Instagram. During their relationship they went on a number of fancy holidays together, including a trip to Jamaica and another to Iceland in January 2022.

Molly Marsh has a couple of famous Love Island exes

Molly also has some Islanders among her exes. When she entered the villa, people found an old clip where Molly said she’d previously dated Tommy Fury, and she was reportedly “secretly flirty texting” Casa Amor’s Jack Keating before the show.

“Molly and Jack were texting and there was a real spark when it first began, it was flirty banter,” a source told The Sun. “They knew each other through her influencer work and he seemed really keen. It fizzled out before they actually met up though and there was less interest from Molly’s side to be honest, but he still likes all her photos online.”

Molly Marsh’s jilted cruise ship ex

In a very confusing turn of events, Gogglebox brothers and TikTokers George and Joe Baggs said on their podcast that they know Molly, and when they spoke to her at an event “two or three months ago” they were sure she had a boyfriend.

“I bet he’s a bit gutted now watching this,” Joe laughed. George then added the boyfriend “works on cruise ships” so would be in the ocean right now, potentially with no idea she’s on the show. Ummm, ok?

Paige Thorne – Scott’s ex girlfriend

When Scott joined the 2023 show as a bombshell, it was revealed that among his exes was previous Love Island cast member, Paige Thorne. They dated in 2020, after they met on the “party circuit” in Wales. Apparently Paige knows a lot of footballers back home, and that’s how she met Scott.

“It wasn’t serious with Paige and Scott but they had a great few months together,” a source told The Sun. “They met out on the party scene as Paige knows lots of footballers. It didn’t end for any reason in particular, just one of those things. They were both young and not looking for anything serious.”

In a podcast interview, Paige confirmed there’s no bad blood between them, and said her “loyalties” lie with him with any drama he has in the villa, because of their “history”.

Nazanin Mehrabadi – Scott’s ex girlfriend

Also among Scott’s exes is model, Nazanin Mehrabadi. Friends of hers have spoken to press, and said they had huge rows after they started dating aged 17. They were together for three years, which according to The Sun was apparently a very “tumultuous and toxic time.”

Nazanin’s friend told The Sun: “Scott and Naz fell head over heels and it seemed like love’s young dream but things quickly went downhill. Scott was very jealous and possessive and wouldn’t like Naz going out without him. The pair had blazing rows in public and behind closed doors. Scott would row with anyone who would even look at her.”

However, a friend close to Scott denied the claims and told The Sun: “Scott’s so laid back. He doesn’t do drama. They’re still good friends as far as I’m aware.”

Jay Younger – Mal’s ex boyfriend

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Mal used to date Love Island 2022 star, Jay Younger. What’s more, when he was in the villa, she had *a lot* to say about their relationship. At the time, Mal said she dated Jay for six months and described him as “brutal, cutthroat and selfish”, warning the Love Island girls to watch out.

She described how he had a “pristine and structured” lifestyle, and added: “He falls quite fast and is 100 percent very jealous.” She also said the way he dumped her was “brutal”, before Mal and another ex found out they were both former flames of Jay’s and met up in London for drinks and to “compare notes”.

Speaking of her now appearing on the show, a source told The Sun: “Seeing Mal on Love Island will likely be a lot for Jay. She’s genuinely moved on, though, and doesn’t see going on the show as any kind of revenge or power move. Mal is gorgeous, single and the life of the party. She just wants her own chance at finding love.”

Liam Greer – Kady’s ‘secret boyfriend’

Since being back on the show, Kady’s been accused of having a “secret boyfriend” back home, who she’s said to have met up with just before flying out to the villa.

It’s been reported she has been in a relationship for more than a year with Liam Greer, who was recently charged with money laundering. Liam and Kady were spotted leaving Kady’s Hertfordshire home the week she flew out to Mallorca to appear on Love Island.

When approached by The Sun about the relationship, Liam said: “I’ve got nothing to say about that.” A spokesperson for ITV later confirmed: “Kady was single at the time of entering the villa.”

When George was in the Love Island 2023 villa, two of his exes spoke out


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Remember George who was dumped from the villa first? There was a lot of scandal surrounding him on the show, when two of his exes spoke out about their previous relationships with him.

The saga all began before George had even made it onto Love Island, with an ex girlfriend making claims about him pretty much as soon as the cast list was announced. In a TikTok video, Ebony Skeely posted loads of photos of herself and George, from they were together. In the clip, she claimed George is a “cheat” and a “narcissist”.

She went on to claim George was “controlling” over what she would wear, and would “put down her appearance”. She said he “constantly lied and made empty promises”. George later addressed the video in a statement, and said it’s not a reflection of his true character, and the claims are untrue.

It wasn’t over then, as George was forced to defend himself again when a further ex spoke out against him. Katie Hewitt dated George for 18 months after they met in a nightclub in 2017. She claimed during this time he cheated, was controlling and drove her to stop eating. She claimed all her experiences have left her with PTSD.

Katie said George would make comments about her appearance and “scream abuse” in public. She also claimed he cheated on her whilst on a boys’ holiday.

Replying to Katie’s claims, George’s family said: “This is a one-sided account of a relationship George had six years ago when he was 18, and this is not behaviour we recognise. These claims are false, unjustified and hurtful.”

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