Who is going to win Love Island 2023, according to the dumped Islanders

‘Even though they are total opposites, they just work’


As more and more Islanders have been dumped from Love Island 2023, they’ve all been sharing their opinions of who they think will win the show this year. Out of everyone, they’ve been closest to the couples still in there, so they have the best insight into whose connections will work outside the villa.

So, the results are in and the Islanders have had their say. Here is a rundown of who the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2023.

Abi Moores and Scott Van-der-sluis

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When asked who they thought could win Love Island 2023, Abi and Scott were both backing different couples. Scott said Tyrique and Ella, and added: “I think they’ve been on the biggest journey. The public put them together on day one and I think Ty has struggled with his emotions for so long and for him to say ‘I love you’ and come to terms with everything for this one girl is the best!”

However Abi is backing Molly and Zach or Whitney and Lochan. She said: “Molly is my girl and they do have a really strong connection. Even though they are total opposites, they just work! I think my winner is Whitney and Lochan, she’s been my winner since I saw her for the first time. She’s just got the energy and she’s just great. Lochan is very invested in her, I definitely see them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend very soon.”

Kady McDermott  and Ouzy See

Dumped Islanders share who will win Love Island 2023

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Both Kady and Ouzy were in agreement that Tyrique and Ella will win the show this year. “I know people say they argue but they cannot keep away from each other,” Kady said. “They’re absolutely obsessed with each other. You can see it in the way they look at each other. Pure love in their eyes!”

Ouzy added: “They always found their way back to each other and they had the strongest connection from early on.”

Amber Wise and Josh Brocklebank

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Amber is backing Lochan and Whitney to go all the way and win the show, whilst Josh, who she left at the same time as, said he’s backing Ty and Ella and Sammy and Jess.

Josh said: “Ty and Ella – it’s so real between them two. Ty is so head over heels for her, he’s basically in love with her. Sammy and Jess – even though I split them up for a couple of days, there is a reason they keep coming back to each other as they get on so well.”

Leah Taylor and Montel McKenzie

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Montel said the couple he thinks is the strongest is Tyrique and Ella. “They have had a lot going on during their time in the villa, lots of ups and downs, but I feel like when you are around them you can see how much they are into each other,” he said. Leah agreed, also backing Ty and Ella to win.

Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson

Dumped Islanders share who will win Love Island 2023

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When asked who she thinks could go all the way and win, Catherine said either Tyrique and Ella, or Whitney and Lochan. Elom also said Whitney and Lochan, and said: “Having seen the dynamic between all of the couples in the villa, what they have is unique which really stands out.”

Mal Nicol and Mehdi Edno

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When asked who they’re backing to win Love Island 2023, both Mal and Mehdi said Ella and Tyrique. Mal said they’re “fire and fire, but it works. I love them and they have potential to win.”

Mehdi added: “They have been a strong couple since day one – they always make the effort with each other. They are both so genuine and like each other. From inside the villa it was so beautiful to see and I can’t wait to watch them blossom even more.”

Ruchee Gurung

Dumped Islanders share who will win Love Island 2023

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After she was dumped, Ruchee initially said she thought Whitney and Mehdi could win the show together – oh how times have changed! She did however also say she’s rooting for Tyrique and Ella as well, and added: “They’re so cute together.”

Overall, who do the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2023?

Here’s a breakdown of who the dumped Islanders have said will win Love Island 2023:

  • Tyrique and Ella: 10 votes
  • Lochan and Whitney: Four votes
  • Sammy and Jess: One vote
  • Molly and Zach: One vote

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