Scott and Abi have been dumped from Love Island 2023

‘I feel disheartened and let down’: Abi and Scott spill after being dumped from Love Island

Scott said one Islander had a grudge against him the whole time they were in the villa

Last night was dramatic in the Love Island 2023 villa, and saw Abi and Scott dumped from the island. The public had voted for the three least compatible couples, and then it was up to the Islanders to decide the one couple to pack their bags.

Abi and Scott haven’t exactly had the smoothest Love Island journey. Scott seemed happy with Catherine, but then she came back from Casa Amor with Elom, and Abi has been between Mitch and Scott, neither of whom seemed to want to fully commit to her.

But how do they both feel now it’s all over? Here’s what Abi and Scott had to say as they left the Love Island 2023 villa.

Scott and Abi have been dumped from Love Island 2023

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How do Abi and Scott feel about being dumped from Love Island?

Scott said he “knew it was his time” to leave the villa, but felt he’d had a “great run” on the show. Abi added that she’s “pleased I got to have the full Love Island experience” even though she didn’t find a connection. “I’m also happy to be leaving with Scott as a friend,” she said.

‘I don’t see us being friends now’

Abi had a turbulent experience with Mitch, and has said now all has happened, she doesn’t view them as friends anymore. “I don’t see us being friends on the outside, I don’t feel like he treated me fairly, I think he could have handled things a bit differently,” she said. “I don’t think he went about things in the right way.”

She added: “Going into the villa my sights were always set on Mitch, he was the front runner the whole time because he had such great energy and I knew when we met that we would bounce off each other. We got on better than I initially expected but we both moved quite quickly so our connection fizzled out quite quickly.

“Before Ella B arrived, me and Mitch were really good. I genuinely felt really happy with him and I believed it when he told me that he had tunnel vision for me. Mitch told me if I cut things off with Scott he would make things exclusive with me so I never doubted our connection and felt like we could potentially be something.”

Scott says there’s ‘no going back’ with Catherine

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So, what we all want to know is if Scott is gutted he lost Catherine and didn’t find a connection elsewhere. He said: “I didn’t think I told Catherine enough before Casa Amor about how I was feeling. At the same time I stayed loyal when I had the opportunity to go elsewhere.

“It wasn’t as if I went into Casa Amor and noone liked me – I spoke to Gabby a bit but chose to stay loyal to Catherine. She didn’t do the same thing but hopefully it works out for her. Once the situation is put to bed for me, it’s done and there is no going back.”

Did Abi and Scott ever think they could make it work together?

Scott and Abi have been dumped from Love Island 2023

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Abi and Scott had a messy Love Island journey, but did they think it could work? Scott said: “We had one conversation [in Casa Amor] and she came away thinking I wasn’t interested in her. When we had conversations as friends, I was single and I fancied her. We had good conversations so I thought to myself, why not go try and explore that? Ultimately it hasn’t worked in the end and we’ve become friends as I didn’t see it working from my side.”

Abi added she wasn’t sure about a connection with Scott when he first showed an interest, and was never sure if it was more than friendship, despite finding him attractive.

“We’re friends and are going to end this experience as that,” she said. “I feel a bit disheartened and let down that there wasn’t a connection, I feel like he didn’t put enough effort into making one there. I trusted him by his words, not his actions.” Scott added he hoped they could still be friends now.

‘I think she held a grudge against me’

When asked if there was anyone else he felt he should have gotten to know better, Scott said he wished he’d explored a connection with Leah, too. “I don’t think I went about the Leah situation the way I should’ve,” he said. “I think she held a grudge against me for the rest of her time in the villa. Maybe I could have gotten to know Leah a bit more than I did.”

He added: “In hindsight, maybe I should have gotten to know Gabby better at Casa Amor but I stayed honest with myself and enjoyed every moment of it.”

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Who do Abi and Scott think will win Love Island 2023?

When asked who they thought could win Love Island 2023, Abi and Scott were both backing different couples. Scott said Tyrique and Ella, and added: “I think they’ve been on the biggest journey. The public put them together on day one and I think Ty has struggled with his emotions for so long and for him to say ‘I love you’ and come to terms with everything for this one girl is the best!”

However Abi is backing Molly and Zach or Whitney and Lochan. She said: “Molly is my girl and they do have a really strong connection. Even though they are total opposites, they just work! I think my winner is Whitney and Lochan, she’s been my winner since I saw her for the first time. She’s just got the energy and she’s just great. Lochan is very invested in her, I definitely see them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend very soon.”

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