Barbie movie Ken actors

Hi Ken! All of the actors you didn’t realise are playing Ken in the new Barbie movie

It’s not just Ryan Gosling

Lo, Barbie girl summer is upon us. We’re just days away from the release of Greta Gerwig’s most anticipated film of the year and millennial pink is everywhere, Barbiecore is our only wardrobe choice, plus serious amounts of Kenergy are radiating from every country around the globe. Give us all the Barbie merch and give it to us now.

But, while Ryan Gosling has, obviously, been Kenning it up on every pink carpeted city he visits, he actually isn’t the only Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie. No, just as Margot Robbie has endless other Barbies echoing her name back at her, Ryan Gosling is joined by a cast of other Kens, too. And these are the actors you’re about to see in their himbo era:

Simu Liu

Barbie movie Ken actors

You might recognise Simu Liu from Kim’s Convenience or his Marvel debut in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in 2021. But now he’s channeling Kenergy alongside Ryan Gosling and seems to have a surfing/beach doll vibe from the trailer.

Ncuti Gatwa

Barbie movie Ken actors

Sex Education’s gorg Ncuti Gatwa is also Ken. If you didn’t see him in one of Netflix’s most popular shows of all time then you’ll probably have watched him as the Doctor in Doctor Who. There are no small roles for this man. Country Ken energy!

Kingsley Ben-Adir

Barbie movie Ken actors

Remember the criminally cut short one season show High Fidelity with Zoe Kravitz? Well, Kingsley Ben-Adir starred as Russell. He’s also been in Peaky Blinders, and is going to be a villain in the new Marvel thriller Secret Invasion. But first, Kenergy.

Scott Evans

Barbie movie Ken actors

Scott Evans has been in loads of iconic shows as supporting roles: Issa Rae’s Insecure, Grace and Frankie, With Love. And now he’s also Ken! Arguably an even bigger role than his brother Chris Evans’ Captain America. It’s like a sibling fight in a toy box.

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