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Meet Glen Powell’s ex-girlfriend GiGi Paris who just unfollowed Sydney Sweeney on Insta

She’s so done


Trust falls, passionate beach kisses, cheek to cheek selfies: If there’s one thing the cosy behind the scenes filming from Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s new romcom, Anyone But You, has taught us— it’s that dating an actor must be a serious dynamite blow to your self-esteem.

And, after she unfollowed Sydney on Instagram last night, everyone is Googling Glen Powell’s former long term girlfriend GiGi Paris to see how she’s handling the cheating-rumour-inducing chemistry between Glen and Sydney on set, which everyone on Twitter is talking about.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the model and clothing brand mogul who was dating Glen for at least three years before all this drama kicked off:

She was born in Miami and is 30 years old

GiGi Paris Glen Powell age

Credit: Instagram (@msgigipowell)

Gigi was born in Miami but, like all good A-listers, eventually moved to Los Angeles as an adult. According to a recent interview, she lives “right beneath the infamous Hollywood sign”, which is pretty cool.

She’s part French and Venezuelan

GiGi Paris Glen Powell age

Credit: Instagram (@msgigiparis)

Although Gigi grew up in Miami and was born in the US, her mum is originally from France and her dad was born in Venezuela. She goes by Gigi, but her full name is actually Jehane-Marie Paris. “I call myself a little ‘mut’ of sorts. I like to think, we as people, are all one,” she told In the Face of Others.

She’s a seriously successful model

GiGi Paris Glen Powell age

Credit: Instagram (@msgigiparis)

Gigi has been modelling since she was 14 and started her career with a booking for Seventeen magazine. From there, she continued on to campaigns with brands including Revolve and the department store Nordstrom.

She founded the clothing brand Jijou Paris

GiGi Paris Glen Powell age

Credit: Instagram (@msgigiparis)

Alongside modelling, Gigi started the brand Jijou Paris in 2021. All of their clothes (dresses, shirts, etc) are made from hand-dyed silk. Glen has modelled for JP in the past and other celebs, like One Direction’s Niall Horan and Joe Jonas, have also been spotted in the shirts.

She’s was with Glen for at least three years

GiGi Paris Glen Powell age

Credit: Instagram (@glenpowell)

Glen and Gigi were first seen publicly together in Punta Mita, Mexico on holiday in January 2020. Although they were spotted kissing, they didn’t confirm they were dating until a month later when they went to a Women’s Cancer Research Fund event together.

Since then, they’ve posted loads of cute content to Insta, including a Valentine’s Day pic, where Gigi wrote: “My Ride or Die. Happy Valentines Day, y’all!” but reports emerged on Wednesday night that Gigi and Glen had called it quits after she shared an Insta captioned “know your worth & onto the next.” Oop.

She unfollowed Sydney Sweeney on Instagram

Gigi Paris Glen Powell age

Credit: Instagram (@sydney_sweeney)

On Monday night, Page Six reported that Gigi had unfollowed Sydney Sweeney on Instagram after numerous posts and endless Twitter speculation about she and Glen’s on set chemistry.

But, according to the pop culture gossip site Deux Moi, Gigi and Glen were on the rocks before filming for Anyone But You even started and now appear to have gone their seperate ways. And, obv (as far as we know) Sydney is still engaged to her boyfriend Jonathan Davino.

But he’s remained very, very, quiet throughout all the on set speculation.

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