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Range Rovers and LA meet ups: Inside Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s ‘casual’ dating timeline

NOBODY saw this coming


It was one of 2023’s most shocking plot twists when five months ago Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet were revealed as a couple. According to sources, they’ve been (casually) together for months. And – in a win for situationships everywere – they were finally spotted together on a public outing at Beyoncé’s concert in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Still, the internet has a LOT of questions. Firstly: who’s taller? (Timmy, 5’10, Kylie, 5’6) and secondly: who’s older? (Timmy, 27, Kylie, 25). But aside from being tall enough and old enough to date Kylie Jenner, Timmy fans on TikTok and Twitter are genuinley confused about exactly how this unexpected coupling happened. How, and why, did these pop culture worlds collide? So, here’s everything you need to know about the Kimmy relationship timeline:

January 2019 – Timmy and the Kardashians hang at Nobu

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Credit: Twitter (@KimKardashian)

All the way back in 2019, Timmy was already moving in Kardashian circles. Famously, he once spent the evening with Kim and Kanye at a dinner party in Malibu where Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi were also attendees. And when Kimmy rumours first surfaced on the celeb gossip Instagram page Deux Moi earlier this spring, sources claimed Kid Cudi introduced Kylie and Timmy in 2019. Could this be that moment?

December 2022 – Kylie and Travis confirm their split 

Kylie Jenner Timothee age

Credit: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

Two years after Timmy’s first public outing with the Kardashians, it was announced Kylie had split from her on and off boyfriend, and father of her children, Travis Scott. Although Kylie never commented on the break up, sources said at the time she was focussed on her business and her kids and Travis wanted to party. Oh.

1 January 2023 – New Year’s Eve party in Aspen

Kylie Jenner Timothee age

Credit: Instagram (@tchalamet)

Ahead of their split, Kylie and Travis had reportedly been meant to spend the holidays together in Aspen with Stormi and Aire. But after the break up, Kylie went with Hailey Bieber and Kendall instead. And, according to Deux Moi sources, Timmy was in Aspen that week too where they all hung out together for NYE.

17 January 2023 – Paris Fashion Week stepping out 

Deux Moi sources then claimed that Kylie and Timmy had been openly seeing each other since Paris Fashion Week mid-January after meeting up in Aspen. Then came a resurfaced video at Paris Fashion Week where the couple can be seen chatting amid the runway chaos.

27 March 2023 – Double date with Bad Bunny and Kendall?

Kylie Jenner Timothee age height

Credit: Instagram (@kendalljenner)

Remember when Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s relationship sent the internet into meltdown a month ago? Well, it turns out theirs wasn’t the only relationship everyone should have been focusing on during their night out in West Hollywood. According to Page Six, Timmy was also there that night and, obvi, so was Kylie. Since their relationship hit headlines, a source confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Kendall and Timmy are friends. So, “it’s been easy for Kylie to integrate him into her life”.

He’s nothing if not adaptable.

6 April 2023 – Deux Moi reveals all 

Kylie Jenner Timothee Chalamet height

Credit: Instagram

By April, three months after Timmy and Kylie reportedly hung out for New Year, reports started to roll through the Deux Moi account that “Timmy C has a new girl…Kylie Jenner.” Loads of other comments then poured in to tip off the account, which is when we learned the intel about Aspen and Paris Fashion Week. 

13 April 2023 – The tinted Range Rover drive by 

Once Deux Moi’s account had spilled the Kimmy beans, a week later, Kylie’s black Range Rover SUV was photographed outside Timmy’s Beverly Hills mansion on a sunny Thursday afternoon. TMZ photographers that saw her arrive claimed Kylie had swung into his drive with confidence, implying she knew the way to his house like she’d been there before.

14 April 2023 – The secret taco date romance 

Kylie Jenner height Timothee Chalamet

Credit: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

The very next day after Kylie’s SUV visit, eyewitnesses told the Daily Mail they’d seen Timmy leave an art show in Santa Monica “looking around anxiously” and “texting constantly on his phone” before standing “in the middle of the street seemingly waiting for an arrival”. Kylie then, apparently, “pulled up in her custom Extended Lincoln Navigator, with security in the front seats” and her team got them both food from Tito’s Tacos while Kylie and Timmy waited in the back seat. Romantic!

18 April 2023 – The Coachella ‘casual’ snub 

Kylie Jenner height Timothee Chalamet

Credit: Instagram (@tchalamet)

Before Coachella, there were rumours Kylie and Timothée were attending the music festival together. But, despite a sources confirming their relationship to ET, Kylie didn’t want to go public with Timmy at the biggest influencer fest of the year. Tbf, it does seem like they only get take out and hang out at home. Very, very casual (hook up??) vibes.

“They are keeping things casual at this point. It’s not serious, but Kylie is enjoying hanging out with Timothée and seeing where it goes,” the source said. “It’s been really fun for her because it feels a lot different than her past relationships. It’s new and exciting for Kylie and she’s having a lot of fun.”

1 May 2023 – The Met Gala red carpet

Kylie Jenner height Timothee Chalamet

Credit: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

Everyone watched and waited to see whether Kylie and Timmy would step out together at the Met Gala. But he, unusually, didn’t even attend. So, there was no “going public” moment. However, some tried to theorise Kylie’s choice to opt for a gown by French designer Haider Ackermann could be a nod to Timmy. But it sort of seems like we’re clutching at straws here, tbh.

4 September 2023 – Beyoncé’s LA concert outing

And finally, the moment that has sent the whole of the internet into a tail spin: Timmy and Kylie’s first official public outing at Beyoncé’s Los Angeles Renaissance gig. She was laughing. He was smoking cigs inside. It seemed like they were having a great time. And this calls for double celebration because rumours were swirling in early August they’d actually called it quits.

But not according to TMZ. Apparently, the jig is very much not up. According to sources, they’re still together and “any reports that say otherwise are false.” And now they’ve made it out the house ! Next stop, papped at a gas station – you know it’s coming.

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