A brief history of Love Island couples who broke up and then got back together

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We’re in our Love Island couples getting back together (and splitting) era. Tom went back on All Stars after splitting from Samie twice, Ekin-Su and Davide have broken up again, and Millie and Liam confirmed their relationship is back on.

In the past, there have been a few Love Island relationships which have broken off and then rekindled. Be that couples leaving the villa and committing to one another, splitting, and then trying again, or just messy on-off villa relationships. Here’s a history of them all.

Cara and Nathan

The award for the biggest relationship arc in Love Island history goes to series two winners, Cara and Nathan. They briefly broke up after the 2016 villa, but are now married with two children, eight years later.

They broke up in 2017, shortly after announcing they were expecting their first child together. But they got back together, then got married in 2019 and had another child in 2020.

Speaking about their breakup on Good Morning Britain, Cara said: “With us, we did split up, then we got back together. We stayed together for such a long time because we had expectations from the public because they voted for us and we didn’t want to let them down. Then we split up.” Nathan added: “We needed that space apart from each together to realise how much we loved each other.”

Millie and Liam

Love Island 2021 winners Millie and Liam are back together, nine months after calling quits on their relationship. News first hit of them rekindling after they spent the 2023 Easter weekend on a romantic retreat together, spending the Bank Holiday in the Lake District. A source close to them told MailOnline they were talking again, meeting up in secret and are working through their previous issues.

They then very obviously went on a cruise together, and were spotted holding hands at the Barbie premiere. Speaking about the rumours, Liam has confirmed they’re “giving things a shot” again but “taking things slow.” He said: “We had time apart and it was needed. We needed that time apart but now we’re giving things a shot.”

Now they’re all over each other’s socials once again, and nature is healing!

Samie and Tom

via ITV

Not long after leaving the winter 2023 villa together Samie and Tom made it official, but around a month later they called it quits. Then they were spotted on holiday as an item, hanging out with mates together, and fans were posting selfies with them when they were seen them out and about.

Tom then posted a soppy TikTok about Samie, calling her his crush. At the same time, Tom said in an interview he was “off the market”.

After seemingly endless back and forth, Tom and Samie were over once again. In August 2023, Samie said in an interview she was “officially still single” and it was noticed she and Tom had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Ekin-Su and Davide

Love Island 2022 winners Ekin-Su and Davide shocked us all when in June 2023 they confirmed they’d broken up after around a year together. They said they were still “on good terms” but reports said Davide felt he was living in Ekin-Su’s shadow.

But then, the couple confirmed they were very much back on as they posted pictures from a cute dinner on holiday in Turkey – celebrating Ekin-Su’s 29th birthday together. Davide even went as far to say they never really broke up in the first place.

However, a few months later, and the couple have revealed it’s over for good. Announcing the news, Ekin-Su said: “The last 18 months have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, just like every relationship. Davide and I both wanted to make this relationship work as we cared deeply for each other. Unfortunately, I have recently made the decision to end our relationship and to go our separate ways.”

Despite her claims, Davide then clapped back and said Ekin-Su didn’t end things, and her breakup statement was “changed last minute”. Messy!

Ella and Tyrique

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Ella and Tyrique have had us yo-yoing since the day they left the Love Island 2023 villa. In November 2023 the couple briefly ended things, but were reported to have got back together to give their relationship one last chance. They were reported as being in “crisis talks”, but soon is was reported they were over for good…again.

A source told MailOnline: “Ella and Tyrique have decided it’s time to go their separate ways. They have such love for each other, but they often struggle to get along and as viewers saw in the villa, they’re always arguing.

“This time, things have ended badly… and they have both removed all recent photographs of each other from their respective Instagram profiles, as well as all Snapchat content. They have unfollowed each other as well… it certainly feels like this breakup is final.”

They then dropped hints they were back together again (again again), but have confirmed it’s well and truly over.

Paige and Finn

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Paige and Finn won the first winter Love Island series together, but three years later it was announced they had split up. Then they were both cast in Ex on the Beach, and it was reported following this, they had decided to give their relationship another go.

However, this all came to a quick end when it was said Finn had slept with MAFS star Tamara Joy, who had also been in Ex on the Beach alongside the former couple. Paige decided things were over for good between them, and a source told The Sun: “The fling came out of nowhere on a boozy night out with some of the cast the night before the show launched. It left everyone shocked.”

Amber and Kem

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Amber and Kem were the nation’s sweethearts of Love Island 2017, winning the show and staying together for six months before ending their relationship. But, a lot of people forget they broke up in the villa!

Having been together from the start, they were the couple who everyone saw going all the way. But during their Love Island journey things took a shocking turn. After the Casa Amor postcard had been delivered back to the girls, Amber saw Kem was cracking on with someone else. Kem ended up walking back into the villa with Chyna, and Amber recoupled with Nathan.

Faye and Teddy

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The fallout of Movie Night 2021 has ended up being the most complained about moment of Love Island, ever. Faye was seen shouting and swearing at Teddy after she saw a clip of him telling Clarisse he was sexually attracted to her. It’s safe to say, their relationship was put on hold.

But, they sorted things out and got back together, and then came third in the final. The couple have since split, announcing their breakup in February 2023. They were together for 18 months after the show.

Indiyah and Dami

via Instagram @indiyahhp

Everyone remembers where they were when Indiyah ushered the words “may the best heartbreaker win”. She and Dami both recoupled after Casa Amor, despite looking like one of the strongest couples in the 2022 villa.

They quickly saw the error in their ways, leaving Summer and Deji to get dumped, and are now back together, with one of the coolest relationships Love Island has ever seen. I’m here for it.

Tanya and Shaq

Love Island couples broke up and got back together

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Tanya and Shaq had a dramatic time of it during Love Island 2023. They confessed their love to one another very early on, but then Tanya came back from Casa Amor with Martin. It wasn’t long before Tanya was confessing her love to Shaq in front of the entire villa once again, leaving Martin a bit baffled. Tanya and Shaq ended in fourth, and are still together now.

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