When does Rise and Fall end?

It’s nearly time! Here’s when this chaotic season of Rise and Fall is due to end

Will there even be any money left to win!?

Rise and Fall has been a chaotic watch for the past few weeks, and honestly – it’s the most criminally underwatched reality show this country has shown in a long time. The drama and tension has been through the roof, and soon it’s all due to end. We’ve seen Sidney this week saying it might be her last chance to ascend to the penthouse and become a ruler, but it’s unclear why. How long is left of Rise and Fall, and when is the end date and final episode? Channel 4 have confirmed when the show is ending, and Rise and Fall is going to have its end date sooner than you might think!

When is Rise and Fall ending?

Rise and Fall started with episodes almost every day, but has now changed to a Monday-Thursday model – the same that Married at First Sight UK uses.

We’re currently in the penultimate week of Rise and Fall, which means that we’ve got episodes tonight and tomorrow (5th and 6th April) and then a gap until it comes back on Monday night.

Rise and Fall will then run from Monday up until the grand final on Thursday 13th April, where one of the rulers will win the prize fund the grafters have been racking up across the season. I mean, if there’s anything left – at the time of writing this, Rise and Fall is currently deadlocked as the prize fund drops whilst the rulers debate whether to rise Sophie or Sidney. Chaos.

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