These are the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast members who are still friends

Adam and Jesse are now friends?!


The couples on Married at First Sight Australia may not have lasted but the friendships made on the show sure did. Despite it not seeming like they always got along during the show, a lot of the cast have remained friends since the cameras stopped rolling. Some of the cast have been glued at the hip, even fuelling possible dating rumours. Here are all the MAFS Australia cast members who are still friends.

Melinda and Caitlin

MAFS Australia cast still friends

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Melinda and Caitlin are the blueprint for friendship goals. After Caitlin’s relationship with Shannon went sour, she was left without a job and so Melinda offered her a role at her beauty salon.

“I was working a different job and I was saying how I needed another job, something I can enjoy a little more and something a bit more financially stable,” Caitlin told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“And Melinda was like, ‘Babe, get your qualifications and come work for me!’ And I was like, ‘I already have them!’ So we just thought, ‘why not?’ We’re both Brisbane girls and we both have the same qualifications in this industry. Women supporting women vibes.” How wholesome!

Caitlin has since gone on to say Melinda is a “great boss and a great friend”.

Claire and Sandy

Claire and Sandy have been inseparable since filming ending, and have been have girls trips to Melbourne and Sydney. The pair have shared photos with one another on their Instagram accounts. During the show, Sandy gave Claire a listening ear when Claire confessed her kiss with Adam.

They have even met up with other cast members from their season, including Hugo Armstrong. Hugo was one of the intruder cast members who joined the show halfway through the series and was coupled up with Tayla Winter.

Janelle and Josh

Janelle has been sharing with her followers all the things she has been getting up to since filming and she’s truly been living her best life. Janelle has recently moved with her best friend to Sydney and she has been spending time with her MAFS co-stars. One cast member Janelle has been hanging out with is Josh, who left the experiment quite early on with his TV wife, Melissa.

Janelle and Jesse

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Two cast members who make an unlikely friendship are Janelle and Jesse. Janelle has shared two photos with her co-star on her Instagram in recent days. Jesse and Janelle had an interesting link after Jesse’s TV wife, Claire, shared a kiss with Janelle’s TV husband, Adam. Neither relationship ended well as none of them made it to the final vows after making the decision to leave the experiment.

Ollie and Rupert

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Ollie and Rupert formed a strong bond while they were on the show together and they are still friends now. The pair are said to be planning a satirical podcast together where they poke fun at influencer culture and their time on MAFS Australia.

Evelyn and Rupert

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Despite their relationship not working out, Evelyn and Rupert have remained friends outside of the experiment. In a sweet Instagram post, Evelyn shared with her followers what a “beautiful journey” MAFS Australia had been, with some wholesome photos with Rupert.

“So I knew I was signing up for something absolutely mental but this experience has been a beautiful journey on so many levels,” she wrote.

“Yes, at times it has been testing but it’s made me so much stronger, braver and more confident. To be vulnerable and show yourself to the public can be a scary feeling but it’s been quite exhilarating in a strange way.”

She also posted photos with Janelle, Sandy, Melinda and Claire, showing they are all still the best of mates.

Duncan and Jesse

Duncan and Jesse didn’t seem to have the strongest of bromances on the show but it seems they are good pals outside the experiment. Jesse attended Duncan’s viewing party of the reunion episodes and it seems they are good pals.

Bronte and Lyndall

A friendship that blossomed on the show and even more so after is Bronte and Lyndall. The pair have been hanging out non stop and have been posting the most hilarious TikToks together.

In a sweet Instagram post dedicated to Lyndall, Bronte wrote: “Besties at first sight. Swipe to see the real MAFS love story. The adventures of Bronte and Lyndall. Walked in hoping to find my one love, walked out with a new home slice.”

Melinda, Tahnee and Alyssa

Blondes do have more fun! Melinda, Tahnee and Alyssa all recently reunited all glammed up and they all look stunning as always.

Adam and Jesse

In a big twist no one saw coming, Adam and Jesse have squashed the beef and are actually good pals.

When asked by a follower if he and Adam were on bad terms, Jesse was quick to shut down any rumours of bad blood between the two.

“No. Adam and I are not beefing,” he said. “It’s been many months since the show, since that cheating fiasco and Adam has reached out plenty of times expressing his regret. He even bought me a present. He bought me tickets to a metal show happening here in Perth in January.

“I was just in Queensland last week and I went up to Brisbane and was there for his birthday party. The beef is squashed, it’s water under the bridge. It’s all good. Wish the bloke the best.”

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