A dream job and lifelong friends: MAFS Australia’s Caitlin is now living her best life

She is in a new relationship!!


Caitlin McConville didn’t have an easy ride on Married at First Sight Australia, especially when it came to her TV husband, Shannon. The pair left the show quite early on in the experiment after Shannon admitted he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend, who he has since got back together with.

Since leaving the experiment, Caitlin has truly come out on top and made some lifelong friends who have helped her out at every step. Here’s everything Caitlin has been up to since Married at First Sight Australia.

Caitlin now works for Melinda at her beauty salon

After Caitlin left the show, Melinda offered her a position at her beauty salon in Brisbane. Caitlin currently works as a senior technician at Melly’s Beauty Parlour, specialising in eyelashes and eyebrows.

Caitlin explained she wanted a job more financially stable, and Melinda was extremely helpful. “I was working a different job and I was saying how I needed another job, something I can enjoy a little bit more and something a bit more financially stable,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Caitlin MAFS Australia now

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“And Melinda was like, ‘Babe, get your qualifications and come work for me! And I was like, ‘I already have them!’ So we just thought why not? We’re both Brisbane girls and we both have the same qualifications in this industry. Women supporting women vibes.” Caitlin said it’s a “pleasure” to work for Melinda and described her as a “great boss and a great friend”.

She is now in a new relationship!!

Caitlin has bagged herself the boyfriend of dreams following her exit from Married at First Sight Australia. The relationship is still in its early days as it has only been a “couple of months” since they became “exclusive” but things seem to be going well.

“He treats me in a way I’ve never been treated before. It’s really nice – it is really different to be with somebody who treats me the way he does,” she told 9Entertainment.

Before Caitlin confirmed her romance, a close friend of hers revealed on a podcast she was seeing someone new. At the time, they said: “She’s dating this bloke and has been since Christmas actually. They’re pretty serious too. She’s met all his friends and they go to social gatherings as a couple together.”

So Dramatic appear to have a photo of the happy couple. We love this for Caitlin!

Caitlin hasn’t spoken to Shannon since they left the experiment

Caitlin and Shannon didn’t leave the MAFS Australia experiment on the best of terms, with Caitlin telling the experts Shannon didn’t “deserve” her.

At their final commitment ceremony, Caitlin said: “I wanted to be someone’s someone, because I have never been that for somebody before. But this here, this isn’t what I wanted. If I could do it all over again with someone else, I would. Because I deserve that chance but this man does not deserve me.”

via Instagram @caitlinmcconville

Caitlin revealed she got a text message from Shannon’s ex-girlfriend while they were filming MAFS Australia. “She messaged me on the show and she was quite upset,” she explained. “I didn’t reply. She reached out about how she was feeling about it all, but I don’t want to be inserting myself into their relationship.”

She also admitted that she hadn’t spoken to Shannon since their left the experiment.

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