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MAFS Australia’s Shannon is now an ‘Uber Eats driver’ and back with his ex-girlfriend

He and Caitlin called it quits after he admitted he was in love with his ex

MAFS Australia cast member Shannon Adams has had a drastic career change since he was on the show. After leaving MAFS Australia because he was still in love with his ex-partner, a lot of viewers are keen to know what Shanon has been up to.

MAFS viewers were sent into a spiral when someone claimed Shannon was her Uber Eats driver. In a Facebook group, a user attached a photo, and said: “Omg, Shannon was my Uber Eats driver last night.”

According to Daily Mail Australia, Shannon started working for Uber Eats Australia in October last year. This would have been around the same time he decided to leave the experiment with Caitlin McConville. He seems to be doing pretty well for himself, with a 98 per cent satisfaction rate on the app and he has delivered over 1,600 orders.

Shannon and Caitlin’s relationship declined when she heard him on the phone with his ex partner and he later admitted he was still in love with her. Yikes! Shannon also told Caitlin he didn’t find her attractive, which obviously hurt Caitlin’s feelings.

At the second commitment ceremony, Caitlin said: “I wanted to be someone’s someone, because I have never been that for somebody before. But this here, this isn’t what I wanted. If I could do it all over again with someone else, I would. Because I deserve that chance but this man does not deserve me.”

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The couple did end up leaving the show, and Shannon reportedly went back to his ex girlfriend. Jamea Drake, who Shannon shares a child with, confirmed she and Shannon were back together. In a statement to MAFS Uncensored, she pleaded for people to be kind.

She said: “Guys, I am the ex. You can all continue to comment about the people and who on the show, god I don’t care what you say about Shannon either. He signed up for it and put himself there, but please leave me out of the negativity. I did not sign up for the show, I didn’t go on and I am literally collateral damage.

“I have no benefit in being in the media or out there, and truthfully not my cup of tea. I could not give a hoot about my followers or socials. I am a mum, I am a person with real feelings. Plus my life is stressful as it is, this is my real life and not a show.”

via Instagram @jameadrake

Jamea revealed she and Shannon were together for seven years and “a lot happened behind the scenes, before and after”.

A source close to the couple claimed the couple got back together in December last year. “They were together for about seven years, it was very on and off, but they are happy now,” one source said.

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